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Kojima Explains Why The Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection Is PS3 Only

The Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection is one huge collection, too big for the 360. (Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, PS3)

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Walker  +   894d ago
Just because MGS4 included !
Half-Mafia  +   894d ago
And MGS1.
nick309  +   894d ago
Mgs 1 is a psn code in the collection.
Perjoss  +   894d ago
MGS1 was also a PC game.
Septic  +   894d ago
MGS1 came out on the Gamecube as well iirc.
raiden-49  +   894d ago
Too all the people diliking there is a PC MGS and then there is the "remake" for the gamecube so its mainly just MGS4.
Why o why  +   894d ago
@ Majin Vageta below

harsh...but i do remember metal gear being dissed for....'being a movie', 'having too much cut scenes'
What happened.....lmao, rinse and repeat, smh

I remember a month ago I was hit with pm's because I stated that the playstation brand has made MGS what it is today even though metal gears and mgs's had appeared on other platforms. He wasn't familiar with idioms or the meaning and pm'd my ass until he blocked me because of my retorts I guess.. Chick flick *cough* omni *cough*

Im not surprised this collection is ps only, at least for now anyway
yoshiroaka  +   893d ago
So what does this mean for Metal Gear solid V? Isnt that coming to 360? :S
irepbtown  +   893d ago
I thought the next 2 MGS, MGS5 and Ground Zeroes would be next gen. So yoshiroaka, I think these two may end up on the next Xbox.


This collection is great for piecing the story together. I only played the old MGS (1/2) here 'n' there, so if I can get my hands on this it will be great.
Gaming101  +   893d ago
It would have been too expensive to manufacture something with 6-8 discs with the extremely old DVD format.
pixelsword  +   893d ago
I thought Otacon explained it already.

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Ritsujun  +   893d ago
"Kojima stated that the Legacy Collection would require half a dozen discs on the 360."

Fact stated.
DatNJDom81  +   893d ago
But I thought all u xbox guys said MGS4 was just a movie. Why would you want that on your xbox? LOL you guys are hilarious.
showtimefolks  +   893d ago
also kojima MGS4 being a ps3 exclusive wouldn't make sense for xbox360 owners getting the Legacy collection without MGS4

not having Bluray held many games back MS, you better not screw up this time around
_-EDMIX-_  +   893d ago
Buddy, I'm 100% with you! MS not using a larger format pretty much held back this entire generation!

Next gen when more games start using Bluray, I don't want to hear crap from people going nuts over the increase in quality over the games. Um...we could have had that THIS GEN! 720 having Bluray is a long overdue choice.
Tr10wn  +   893d ago
I wonder whats holding back the "next" generation since PC is ahead of the PS4 already by far.

Lame excuse next please.
Gaming_Guru  +   893d ago
At: _-EDMIX-_

Microsoft didn't hold back this generation, if you want the full advantage of blu-ray, get a PS3.

Did the Wii hold back this generation too since the Wii cannot produce the same kind of graphics as the Xbox 360 / PS3? You just buy an Xbox 360 or PS3 if you want the full advantage of the better processors.
j-blaze  +   893d ago
"MGS4 being a ps3 exclusive"

lol so what? it's not a Sony owned ip nor they're the publishers, MGS 1, 2, 3, PW were exclusive, but not anymore... it's just a matter of "disc space" as Kojima said, i think THAT telling you something
insomnium2  +   893d ago
@gaming guru

"Did the Wii hold back this generation too since the Wii cannot produce the same kind of graphics as the Xbox 360 / PS3?"

Ummm... last time I checked Wii didn't get a copy of the multiplat games that are on x360 and PS3. And if they are on Wii the game is dumbed down seriously.

Since PS3 and x360 are so close to one another devs needed to launch games for both of them so they needed to either make the game fit on one disc or pay MS dearly for more discs not to mention if the game was even able to be chopped down to more than one disc. Wouldn't be ok to swap discs in GTA4 or 5 now would it?

Not much of a guru are you?
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jcnba28  +   893d ago
PSN has been broken since 2006, you better not screw up this time around.
Gaming_Guru  +   892d ago
At: insomnium2

You failed to miss the point, if you take in the whole comment, I also stated if you want to take full advantage of the better processors buy an Xbox 360 or PS3. I also stated if you want blu-ray, buy a PS3 so the generation isn't held back if something else out that is taking advantage of better technology.

In the end, my point was buy the technology with the tech you want to take advantage of.

For example the smart phones aren't holding back gaming since dedicated handhelds gaming exist, dedicated handhelds gaming don't hold gaming back since consoles exist, and consoles do not hold gaming back since computers exist.

Not much of a reader are you?
_-EDMIX-_  +   893d ago
PS2 and XB used DVD (5 to 8 gigs)

PS3 uses Bluray (25 to 50gigs depending on type)

360 uses.....DVD (5 to 8 gigs)


Many need to understand. Making games using 7 to 8 gigs isn't the norm, they are making games using this size because its the 360's limit. If you see games like GT5, MGS4, Killzone 2 and 3, Uncharted, Last Of Us etc, these are all TRUE current gen games in the respect they are not making a game with 8 gigs in mind like they did LAST GEN! They are free to make a game the way they wanted to, not limiting, hindering, shortening etc to FIT 8gigs.

This is why many didn't want MGS4 as a multiplatform game, I could careless who's playing it, but I don't want my version hindered because of MS's stupid decisions when it comes to designing a system.

Ever wonder why GTAIV is so small, lacks many features that the older GTAIV's had? Ever wonder why FFXIII isn't open world with airships? Just saying, there is a reason why FFVII was never on N64 and if you understand that much, you know why this gen was gimped by the 360's inferior format. Cause they didn't go the route Kojima did with there games, they gambled and lost.

GTAV I'm calling it now is a install! I'm extremely happy they fixed there issue with the 360's DVD9! Its the only way to explain why its so big and...well a GTA game again!

While where talking about installs, MGSV is most likely going to be one too! The damn game isn't coming on 8 disk! LMFAO!
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Knuxxx  +   893d ago
2013 is the new 2008
all the wars going on about better format, swapping discs, exclusive games, ect... Really guys? Are we STILL trying to justify buying our consoles when new ones will be coming out at the end of the year?? C'mon...
Chard  +   893d ago
That's kinda lame that MGS1 is not on the disc. Since I already have MGS4 I'm leaning back towards getting the previous HD collection that is pretty cheap now.
Majin-vegeta   894d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
o-Sunny-o  +   894d ago
Good! I can't wait! ^~^
Aceluffy  +   894d ago

Kojima said it would require half a dozen discs on Xbox.
I'm sure not many people would want to pay over $ 300 for a game collection, even though this is THE ultimate collection :)

Simple solution, get a PS3 :D
Godmars290  +   894d ago
More likely because the fee MS charges for extra discs is still in place.

They probably would have to charge $300 to make up for it.
_QQ_   894d ago | Trolling | show
KrimsonKody  +   894d ago
...The irony is that;
6-7 years ago, XBox fans accused Sony lovers of trolling when Sony lovers would argue "Oh, it would take 4 discs, 6 discs, 100..." etc.
But now, present comes to past, because that's not too far from the truth.
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Roper316  +   894d ago
" too big for the 360 "

bu bu bu but the blu-rayz aint needed
b_one  +   893d ago
yeah, they shouted that bluray is a gimmick...
Urusernamesucks  +   893d ago
Same way you guys acussing Illumiroom and Kinect of being Gimiks.

Fascinating how things turn around.
Booyah  +   893d ago
What's Illumiroom ?
NYC_Gamer  +   894d ago
It's not because he doesn't want to port the game but 360 disc space is the problem
banjadude  +   893d ago
I think awhile back, some developers were saying that Microsoft charges extra to developers, whenever they ship games on multiple DVDs.

Don't quote me on this, as I don't remember EXACTLY what was said, but definitely something along those lines...
1Victor  +   894d ago
Disk Space And Also The Joke About Changing Disks On MGS4 Would Be Very Disrespectful To The 360 Fans .
ExposingLames  +   894d ago
I clicked on the link just to see the reason...thinking it was something to with rights or sony or something.....To see they would have to put it on 6 discs? Oh come on that's hilarious. I hardly ever post here, but thats just too much LMAO!
Veneno  +   893d ago
GTA 5 may be that many discs.
ZBlacktt  +   894d ago
Blu-ray... he didn't want to make a 20 disc box set for the DVD console.

It's funny how I already called this last week on here.... simple logic.
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josephayal  +   894d ago
it's about time
Neko_Mega  +   894d ago
An this is a shock? I really like to see all this on one bluray.

But that be overkill and plus alot of money to.
DivineAssault  +   894d ago
MGS1 & 4 were PS exclusives.. Oh well, sucks for xbox fans but they already know that PS has a bigger selection of titles to choose from so no biggie.. One thing i wish this had was twin snakes HD.. That was a gamecube exclusive i wish wouldve got ported on this collection
CEOSteveBallmer  +   894d ago
Guys obviously, They need to recode MGS4 for Xbox 360 and that is time consuming and money wasting. And it will require 3-4 discs on 360 for MGS4 Alone!!. and MGS1 and MGS peacewalker are PSN exclusive and playable on PSP. Its like giving away uncharted and god of war to the competitor. I always knew when they release a complete MGS game, it will only be Playstation. Common sense, where did Metal gear "Solid" game was made??. So The solution is simple. Buy a PS3 for those Xbox die hard fans since PS3 is cheap and comes with a bundle and stop being a hardcore MS fan. If someone would give me a 360 I would welcome it since im not a blind fanboy. I could buy a 360 but I would rather spend my money to buy games that I dont have yet.
Vames  +   893d ago
You claim others should stop being die-hard 360 fans and buy a PS3, yet you choose not to stop being a die-hard PS3 fan and buy a 360.
LoveOfTheGame  +   894d ago
Am I the only one that doesn't mind the whole switching discs concept? It gives a kind of nostalgic feel when it pops up "Pleas Insert Disc #", if I recall right the console that made me love this is made by a company most people here adore.
MetalProxy  +   894d ago
I mind! If I want the nostalia feel I hook up my nes, super nes or genesis.
Campy da Camper  +   894d ago
Not for me. When I play im horizontal in my recliner, headphones on and 6 feet from my TV. Winter months I have my super soft microfiber blanket over me. I DO NOT want to get up and go change discs for "nostalgic purposes".
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LoveOfTheGame  +   894d ago
That same reasoning is why my cousin and I wanted to invent the video game console remote disc changer...unfortunately we were 12 and had no idea how that would work.
WildArmed  +   893d ago
It's not an issue for me, but I'd prefer not to have it.

I don't think I've ever though to myself "I won't pick up this game coz it requires disc changing".

I loved all the FF games, and they had like 4 discs each haha
azshorty2003  +   894d ago
This is coming to America, right?
LoveSpuds  +   894d ago
As much as I love the Metal Gear Solid games I am getting a little fed up of all the re-releases the games get.

How many times can Kojima sell the same games, they were amazing in their day but having recently played the HD collection again I have to say the gameplay has dated and it was as much nostalgia as anything that made me complete them again.

I say this as a true Sony fan, I am not bashing the series I am simply suggesting that they were groundbreaking in their day but are now showing their age and Kojima constantly repackaging them sticks in my throat a bit.

This is just my opinion of course :)
trenso1  +   893d ago
yea the gameplay is heavily outdated and just feels wrong compared to the MGS4 but they were awesome at the time.
WildArmed  +   893d ago
I actually like MGS:PW the best for controls.

I never had issues playing MGS2/3 even after I played Peace Walker. It just takes a lil' getting used to. The gameplay isn't "heavily" outdated, it's still fun and playable.
zippycup  +   893d ago
i see your point but some people this generation might want to play it

and lets be honest
they now people are going to buy it for nostalgic reasons and they will make a butt load of money
Crossifixxo  +   894d ago
Yeah this is why!

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trenso1  +   893d ago
along with MGS4 being exclusive even if it wasnt it would have to be recoded, with cut scenes dialogue and other things cut out. For example the codec conversation where Otocan tells you to switch disks and talks about blu-ray would have to be taken out, when you control the MK.II snake is holding a ps3 controller that would have to be taken out or changed to an xbox controller. In the mantis fight the flashback scenes show a ps1 that whole section would have to be taken out of the game. So it just doesn't make sense to bring it to the xbox.
Z501  +   893d ago
BINGO. Glad someone remembered. I was saying these exact things in 08-09 when the 'mgs4 is coming to the 360' rumors were popping up. Don't forget about the in-game iPod.
jc48573  +   893d ago
honestly, how many discs for MGSV?
Soldierone  +   893d ago
Funny. MGS comes to 360, all the fanboys "booyah!!!!"

MGS goes PS3 exclusive, the 360 fanboys go "its just a boring movie with little gameplay anyways, who cares....."
PFFT  +   893d ago
Things work both ways. Its not just the 360 fanboys that act that way. PS3 fanboys have done the same in the past with a few 360 exclusives that have made the jump to the PS3.
Booyah  +   893d ago
Not that many ... dude ...
yewles1  +   893d ago
7 DISCS??????


"Metal Gear Solid would need around seven DVDs, Kojima's co-host said, as opposed to one dual-layer 50GB PlayStation 3 blu-ray disc."
Welcome2Die  +   893d ago
Metal Gear Solid should always be PS3 exclusive. The Xbox has never supported the series anyway...
Denethor_II  +   893d ago
"In an online radio show discussing the Legacy Collection (translated by Kotaku), Kojima said "I'm sorry to say an Xbox 360 version isn't being released, because an Xbox 360 version of MGS4 hasn't gone on sale. To explain the situation, the amount of data in MGS4 is just too enormous."

Pooooor XBOX 360:(

"Kojima pointed out that due to Xbox 360’s use of DVD (as opposed to Sony’s use of Blu-Ray) Metal Gear Solid 4 would require seven discs to be released on Xbox 360."

#25 (Edited 893d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Neo-Axl  +   893d ago
7 discs for MGS4, 2 discs for MGS2 & MGS3, another disc for MGSPW, and maybe a downloadable code for MGS1.

10 discs overall? That wouldn't be your standard game case, more like a suitcase :S
PirateThom  +   893d ago
It's just a movie, anyway.

Isn't that what the xbox fans said?

I remember it being awesome when a 360 version was rumoured and a movie when it was shot down. Guess it's a movie right now.
Veneno  +   893d ago
And when Ground Zeroes and MGS5 come out it wont be a movie. Just like if heavy rain came to xbox it would no longer be a movie. And if walking dead were Playstation exclusive it would just be a movie.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   893d ago
Too bad for 360 only users that would want this game. No way that it could be a downloadable title on 360 or PC huh? I know that is a lot of data, just wondering if it is remotely possible.

Edit: Just read through some of the comments and I can't help but smh...again. It never fails. Stay classy N4G!!!
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meday354  +   893d ago
Size does matter lol.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   893d ago
The game will be releasd on the next xbox.
Voyevoda  +   893d ago
This is SO. AWESOME!!
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