PS3 COD4 to get patch this week

Thats right PS3 Users should have patch by this week!!! you can follow up on thew full post over at fourzerotwo's blog.

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jadenkorri3558d ago

im looking forward to the patch..althou time to play gonna be a problem

barom3558d ago

whats in the patch? or how will it affect the game?

basically, why are people excited over the patch?

prunchess3557d ago

until we see if this sorts out the many problems the PS3 version of this game has. At level 41 at the moment and still I cannot unlock create a class.

I left a number of posts on IW's site and stated my displeasure at the lack of information posted regarding the COD4 rank problems. No reply from any moderators but I have had a number of other players Private Message me saying they have the exact same problems.

Lets hope that the patch will sort and improve this game.

Lifendz3557d ago

tired of hearing people sing and play music and not having the ability to mute them.

Nevers3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

the things I remember that it will have are;

*Quick Mute in-game THANK YOU SO MUCH :)
*Kill Cams for Air-strikes, Grenades, RPG's, and Claymores
*Sniper accuracy increased - :(
*Host migration - it still bumps you out of the game and out into a lobby but it quickly starts the next map
*Proly lotsa other things I can't recall at the moment as well.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY (if it's like the 360 patch) it will add about .5-2sec of LAG. Which despite all the good things the patch brings, this one aspect BREAKS a truely awesome game. When you encounter the LAG you'll notice it when you empty a clip into someone you obviously got the drop on and none of the hits register. You also notice a different story being shown in the killcams than what you saw just before you died.

I really hope IW fixes this soon because LAG in this game is really really deadly and it's very frustrating going from 17 and 5 to, 5 and 17.

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Harry1903558d ago

maybe full divx compatibility.

Harry1903558d ago

complete misunderstanding.please
ignore my previous comment.

andrewf913558d ago

the site has posted the source theres nothing wrong with it

andrewf913558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

whoever disagreed with me tell me whats wrong?
lol wow are you cereal?

chaosatom3333558d ago

I can play cod4 again! Hope that those map packs come too this weeks. lol

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