Xbox 720 vs PS4: Launch Title Rumors Give Sony An Early Edge In Console Wars

The Xbox 720 vs. PS4 debate rages on as we approach Microsoft's May 21 reveal date. Remember Sony's PS4 event back in February? It was cute, right? Lots of nervous devs talking about launch titles and, while we didn't actually get to SEE the PS4, we learned it was a real thing and that Sony wants to launch it during the 2013 holiday season.

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FrigidDARKNESS2054d ago

Neither company has an edge because some these titles will get pushed back and won't make the launch . The article is ridiculous based off rumours.

Arai2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Use some logic if you're trying to make a point.
It's common sense that Sony owns most studios amongst the 3.

Which equals games....exclusive games.
I can't speak for the rest but I like variety and games.

That's not to say that the Xbox 720 will suck, far from it.
As history has proven, the Xbox 360 did very well and had it's fair share of games.

But it's the PS3 that has more variety and games and that trend won't be stopping with the PS4.

jimbobwahey2054d ago

Perhaps you should also use some logic and realize that until Microsoft announces what the launch lineup for the next Xbox will be, it is impossible to know who will have the superior library of games available when the next console generation starts.

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Why o why2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

*looks back at past 3 years* with Arai but ms do like to start quickly and tend have tricks up their sleeves, but if I were a betting man, id say sony but NOT by any type of landslide

Septic2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

"No logical thinking core gamer thinks microsoft xbox 720 will have more exclusive titles than ps4. "

Well look at the PS3 launch and compare it with the Xbox 360 launch. The latter one put the PS3 to shame. There is no reason why the same can't happen again.

[Disclaimer] I personally believe that Sony will have the better lineup but that's just based on conjecture and guess work on my part. I won't however, make statements completely dismissing any possibilities. Why? Because THAT's what a "logical thinking core gamer" should be doing.

Karpetburnz2054d ago


Microsoft only has a few first party studios that actually make proper games, they have a bunch of studios that make XBL avatar clothes, apps, and basically stuff thats not related to games.

Sony has a lot of first party studios and some of them even have 2 teams so they can develop more games, Sony confirmed that all of them are currently making games for PS4.

Whatever exclusives Microsoft will have for the next Xbox, only a few will be first party.

Septic2054d ago


Remember; quality over quantity. Even if Sony has more first party games, it's the comparative quality of the titles that will determine the 'winner'.

MS had most genres covered this gen, or at least the 'main ones'. Thereal fear amongst gamers is that we might not see a balance in terms of variety of games that MS shows; too much casual stuff or too many 'core' FPS' etc.

Sony have pretty much covered most bases at this early stage so the burden is on MS to step up to the plate and match/exceed what Sony have shown. This is where variety and quality come in.

We know very little about the nextbox so I think it's very premature to jump to conclusions yet. Maybe the main rumours end up being true, you never know but I think it's silly to state beyond a shadow of a doubt that MS will do worse than the competition.

You are free in what you think but prisoner to what you say.

RuleofOne343 2054d ago

Variety is great, people will scream they want diversity but ultimately they will get what is know ,familiar & what they trust to deliver a great experience even after their initial tantrum of wanting a change. Not say all are like that but enough are and those are the one that send the message that this game is fine so developer continue to milk,extended,expand these franchise.
Until the industry itself does something about it variety is just garnish on favored dish.

Why o why2054d ago

LOL @ Septic Disclaimer.


DOMination-2053d ago

Your logic is perfect except for the fact that MS owns 8 more first party studios than Sony.

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andibandit2054d ago

I stopped reading this article at the word "Rumors"

CEOSteveBallmer2054d ago

What proof do you have that PS4 games will be pushed back? They are already working on it since laucnhing their latest games. When uncharted 3 was released they already started last of us and its coming this june. On the other hand, an article here states that MS is having trouble with their first party games and thus will opt to buy 3rd party games but I know its just a rumor. But I don't see sony will be delaying its games.

GraveLord2054d ago ShowReplies(1)
noctis_lumia2054d ago

killzone SF
drivr club
kwack are CONFIRMED launch titles by developers

Veneno2053d ago

If I can afford PS4 at launch I will get it, but I will definitely buy one for Drive Club. Evolution just makes incredibly fun driving games.

S2Killinit2054d ago

well the article DID say that "rumors indicate SONY edge". In this case the rumors are probably true if the past generation was an indication of course.

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Sandmano2054d ago

We have to see MS's reveal if all they have is COD early DLC then that's not enough

Jaqen_Hghar2054d ago

unfortunately that will be enough for many

AngelicIceDiamond2054d ago

@Sandmano Just like how Ubisoft is partnering with Sony to get 60min of exclusive gameplay. And will probably do the same with ACIV.

I don't care if Watchdogs is a Ip that's brand new or resurrected from the dead what Sony is doing isn't any better than what MS is doing.

Lets just completely ignore what Sony's doing or try and spin what Sony's doing into a positive but continue to rag on MS for the exact same thing.

McScroggz2053d ago

You completely missed his point. He was saying if Call of Duty timed exclusive DLC is all Microsoft shows off on May 21st then it's not good enough. Ubisoft is giving some exclusive DLC to Sony, but at the PS4 reveal several games were shown off. A big difference.

Granted, there is no way Microsoft only shows off Call of Duty on the 21st.

Mikefizzled2054d ago

So this is a article based on rumors of a console thats not been unveiled and had almost every rumor going for and against it ever since the PS4 reveal. Its a bit too far fetched to be called journalism to me.

kneon2054d ago

I don't see the problem, it does say rumors right in the title. If they claimed these were facts rather than rumors then that would be different story.

fermcr2054d ago

Seriously !!!

Let the next Xbox be presented with it's launch titles... then you can write a article.

Jaqen_Hghar2054d ago Show
sly-Famous2054d ago

There wont be a console war for one reason......, BluRay. The next xbox will have bluray.

CEOSteveBallmer2054d ago

You forgot the games. You know the incentive why you choose a console over another.

waltercross2053d ago

@ sly-Famous

If the Next xbox has Blu-Ray then Sony will make money off of every XBOX Sold because Sony Partially owns that format.

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