IGN: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Wii Review

The game trail blazes with a new design, capitalizes on proper Wii usage (minimal waggle here, with a huge emphasis on the pinpoint precision of IR), and adds a flood of features such as Wii remote player trading, Wii Connect 24 "Invitation Matches" that let you play AI-controlled versions of your friend's career team, full online with random opponents and friend play, and on-field Mii integration.

This game is not only filled with modes and options, but it's filled with the right modes and options, and that's what makes it a must-have sports title on Wii. Yes, it has some issues to iron out, such as the somewhat clumsy defense system that doesn't let you take direct control of just one member of the team, and the fact that the game's new design makes it a hybrid of play calling and multi-task control (no traditional mode here), but in the end IGN would take this design of Pro Evolution Soccer for Wii any day. If every design took the time to truly innovate on Wii as much as Pro Evo has, the console would be in a whole other league. The bar has just been raised.

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PS360WII3715d ago

Great score. I don't usually get these games but I might make an exception

ItsDubC3715d ago

Foreal, I got excited about this after seeing a video of the gameplay, and it seems that my excitement was well-warranted. Good stuff.

PS360WII3715d ago

Yeah I've seen a few gameplay vids too. It looks nuts lol. ^^

Glad to be a gamer3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

We have a pro evo that has a working online mode and sounds like it has also reinvented football games again in the process. Wasn't gonna buy this after selling my 360 version for fifa 2008 but may have to now as i for one am begining to have faith in konami again.

bigjclassic3715d ago

I may rent this. I read that this game and MLB 2K8 on Wii are really trying new things in the sports genre, and that the devs actually got it to work right.

Night4ll3715d ago

I love that the developers put time and effort into the control scheme...