Incoming! The Most Exciting 3DS And PS Vita Games For May

Pocket Gamer: ''The sun is peeping out from behind the clouds, and the rain has beaten a hasty retreat. Thankfully.

Yup, May is well and truly here.

Forget about the UK weather, though: there's a whole host of exciting Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita games heading your way over the next month.

So, get ready for some AAA big-shot releases, indie RPGs, classic Nintendo characters, long-awaited adventure games, and much more. If you're a handheld gamer, then May might just become your all-time favourite month.''

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sherimae24131965d ago

i want that jacob jones game! ^_^

thechosenone1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

lmao awesome drunk triple post sherimae. xD same here can't wait for JJ game. :D

Kurt Russell1965d ago

That's why I tactically brought myself down to 1 bubble. It saves a lot of multi posts.

sherimae24131965d ago

i want that jacob jones game! ^_^
guys im drunk, my co worker had her birthday this day...
im a little bit dizzy... good night ^_^

LoveOfTheGame1965d ago

It should be against the law to get on the internet once your drunk or at least a breathalizer should be used on Paypal accounts....would save people a lot of time and regret lol.

1965d ago
wtfbbq81965d ago

Looking at the picture I though Donkey Kong coming to vita silly me xD

Protagonist1965d ago

Machinarium is going to look and play awesome on the PS Vita.

Looking forward to that title.

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