Suing Sega? Then Sue Irrational Too

Serves SEGA right, doesn’t it. Made a right crappy game out of Colonial Marines they did, so someone is suing them. Oh, well, they didn’t make it per say, but I’m sure they are to blame somehow. Don’t worry, developer Gearbox are getting sued to. Yeah, in your face, Pitchford!

Ken Levine though? He’s a God. He and Irrational craft critically lauded works of fantasy. BioShock: Infinite was a masterpiece. They’d never “do a SEGA” on us and whet our lips with a false gameplay demo that way overemphasises aspects of their game, let alone showcase amazing features that never actually appeared in the final release.

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Ministerb2023d ago

I enjoy the picture very much, A very interesting and insightful piece.

Gimmemorebubblez2023d ago

~The guy who wrote this was being very (Ir)rational.~

Ministerb2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


Minato-Namikaze2023d ago

Difference is that irrational always maintained that it was demo and a work in progress. Gearbox on the other hand was showing amazing footage of a game and saying that it was actual gameplay. We all understand that things get taken and cut from games for one reason or another, what we dont expect is for a dev to tell us what they are showing is what the game actually is but then release a game that is not even in the ballpark of what was shown before hand.

Parasyte2023d ago

Exactly. They aren't being sued for making a bad game. They are being sued for false advertising.

dedicatedtogamers2023d ago

I was let down by Infinite. However, this article is silly. Colonial Marines was broken. Infinite was just dumbed down compared to Bioshock.

XXXL2023d ago

I loved infinite but this article raises some good points. I liked the demo version of the handyman a lot better. Also I agree on citizens using the visors against you and Elizabeth having better tears would have made the game that much better

InTheLab2023d ago

Different extremes here but it's still the same idea. One game just happens to be a broken mess and the other only sports mediocre dumbed down gameplay. The other difference is that people were rightly upset over the finished product of Aliens but not nearly enough people were outraged by the shooting gallery Infinite turned out to be.

admiralvic2023d ago

Nothing was worse than Dead Island, but I think some people are missing the importance of this trial (if it even happens). This is that it will set a precedent for how misleading an ad can be. A lot of people seem to forget that "this does not represent the final product" or any of that legal nonsense is not a "get out of jail free" card.

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The story is too old to be commented.