Asda slashes Wii U price again

Asda has introduced its second Wii U price cut this year.

In March, the retailer began offering the basic white model online for £199 (down from £249) and the premium black one with Nintendo Land for £249 (down from £299). It has now cut the price of the two models by another £50, to £149 and £199 respectively.

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TheLyonKing2052d ago

oh dear, not good.

I might pick it up cause if its going cheap then if i get it now all the games the will eventually come out I can play right away rather than wait for the games and risk the price going back up.

MasterCornholio2052d ago

Wow this is just terrible. Nintendo are the only ones responsible for this they should have done a much better job with the Wii Us lineup of games.

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PopRocks3592052d ago

Not that I disagree or anything, but what do you expect them to do at this point exactly? Part of the reason the first party stuff is not out on Wii U yet is because they're trying to make them as great as possible.

If no one saw Aliens Colonial Marines' Wii U version being cancelled as a bad thing, then I don't see how anyone would view a half-finished Mario or Zelda as a good thing.

lilbroRx2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Leave it to you take try to spin a simple short term sale at a single place as terrible news for a global, industry leading company.

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NobodyImportant2052d ago

Although I'm disappointed with Nintendo the last two gens for giving us garbage hardware that excludes them from being able to run the latest and greatest games.
This actually makes me sad.
I don't actually want Nintendo to fail.
I remember all the Mario and Zelda games fondly and if they build a decent console again in the future I'll buy one, but I'm not going to buy a Wii U out of sympathy for the company.
They need to raise their game. At least if the Wii U was close in power to the PS4 and XBox 8 they'd get some 3rd party multiplats. All I see the Wii U getting is 360, PS3 Multiplats.
It's like the Wii all over again.
360 PS3 got Resident Evil 5
The Wii got Resident Evil 4 (Umbrella Chronicals and all that crap)

And when it did get a multiplat ... what are you seriously going to play?
Black Ops on 360 or Black Ops on Wii?

Same is going to happen on the Wii U.

Maybe if Nintendo's next, next gen console is a return to (hardware) form I'll buy that.
It doesn't need to be the best ... but it needs to be close.

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