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8 games that changed gaming – historical titles that changed how you play

OPM: When was the last time you loaded up a game that changed the very way you play? It’s been a while hasn’t it? We line up a few historical PlayStation titles that changed perceptions or introduced new mechanics you now take for granted. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Jumping Flash, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, PS2, PS3, Resident Evil 4)

Pintheshadows  +   851d ago
I'm almost certain there were some shooters on PC that used 'over the shoulder' aiming before Resi 4. Admittedly, they were not as big as Resi 4 but they still had it.
Ares84HU  +   851d ago
Which pc game used over the shoulder before RE4?
Mouktouk  +   851d ago
Well, in terms of camera behavior, there was Fade to Black that used a similar system.
One can argue if we can consider it as "over the shoulder gameplay".
-GametimeUK-  +   851d ago
I don't think it matters. Resident Evil is the one that made it popular enough to change the way a lot of games are played.
Pintheshadows  +   851d ago
I can't remember the name sadly but it was a near future sci-fi shooter that also had a cover mechanic. It was the first instance of both I remember encountering. I wish I had an idetic memory.

In fairness though Gametime is right. Resi 4 was the big one.
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dragonyght  +   851d ago
RE4 only popularized just like Gears Popularized the cover system. if i remember correctly Freedom Fighters had over the shoulder camera and it came out about 1-2 year b4 RE4 another game was Firefighter F.D. 18
Mouktouk  +   851d ago
Pintheshadows: Are you talking about Kill.Switch?
jetlian  +   851d ago
actually a few of these are wrong. Splinter cell predates resident evil 4 by 2 years. And splinter cell wasn't the first to do it!

modern warfare wasn't the first shooter to do modern. jumping flash wasn't the first 3d platformer.Blinx the cat had time controls before pop 2003.

Im sure someone can find a game in the 8/16 bit era with time controls
Cid33  +   851d ago
Syphon Filter (1999) Oni (2001), Max Payne (2001) and SOCOM (2002)

were the first to have free aiming,,
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Imalwaysright  +   851d ago
The 1st game to have cover system was WinBack for PS1/N64.
-GametimeUK-  +   851d ago
Journey / Flower had quite an impact on me. GTA3 was an awesome 3D Sandbox. Gears of War and its cover system is a big one too. Sure it's not a PS game and it wasn't the first to do it, but it is the game that brought it to the mainstream and developed a gaming trend. Since it's a Sony article I'm trying to think of Sony related games. They say Voice control in Socom is similar to Kinekt and PS Move? Screw that... Eye Toy falls more in line with the point they're trying to make.

Finally, I'm gonna say the Souls series has the potential to change a lot in the industry due to the online infrastructure. Invading other peoples games is something I would like to see in the future. (Watch Dogs has invasions, right?)
admiralvic  +   851d ago
Mindjack had it, though the ability to kick invaders made it seem trivial. With this being said, I don't think it's going to become popular. One of the biggest problems with Mindjack was that an invader could make the game seem IMPOSSIBLE, since you're fighting a real person + AI with their only mission being stopping you from progressing. I was literally able to prevent one guy from beating stage 2 for an hour and a half before he stopped playing. Sure it can be worked out better, but I just don't see it catching on.
-GametimeUK-  +   851d ago
I still have hopes for the feature or features inspired by it. If Watch Dogs pulls it off then maybe the trend can spread and get more creative. Resident Evil 6 also had a mode where you could become an enemy in another persons game, didn't it?
MilkMan  +   851d ago
I like this list, but I would have to say that it was Mario 64 that taught us all that platforming was a viable thing in 3D space.
Other than that, I think the list is pretty good.
guitarded77  +   851d ago
I would agree that SM64 was the game that really pushed 3D platforming, but this is a PlayStation Magazine site, so they avoided Nintendo games for obvious reasons.
MilkMan  +   851d ago
Didn't know that.
RBlue_Desire  +   851d ago
1.Resident Evil 4, 2005 – Over the shoulder aiming
2.Max Payne, 2001 – Bullet time
3.Gran Turismo, 1997 – console racing simulation
4,Call of Duty 4, 2007 – The modern shooter
5.Prince of Persia, 2003 – Time control
6.Fight Night 2004 – Analogue controls in sports
7.Jumping Flash, 1995 - 3D platforming
8.SOCOM, 2002 – Voice commands
GABRIEL1030  +   851d ago
Mario 64, this is until now the most advanced Mario game ever made, the game has a nice 3D gameplay.

Gran Turismo: a game full of details, tracks, cars, details and amazing music.

Ace combat 4: amazing graphics, music, characters and story

Rise of Nations: a strategy game in real time.

FF8: A game of several hours of gameplay and nice characters.

Battlefield 3: Tanks, fighters, APC's, a lot of weapons, destructible enviroments, amazing multiplayer.

Killzone 2: Addictive multiplayer, the helghans are great!
Cid33  +   851d ago
games that changed gaming – historical

the phrase historical covers more than 18 years imo

so i thought i'd add

Wolfenstein 3D first 3d fps
Spasim first multiplayer 3d game
Kung-Fu Master first beat em up
Dune 2 first mainstream rts
Carmageddon no need to explain
Tomb raider also obvious
Ultima Online mmorpg
Dragon's Lair first game with fmv
chrono cross Time control

list could be more accurate but just from the top of my head

as for third person shoters (TPS) "your so called over the shoulder"
Oni (2001), Max Payne (2001) and SOCOM (2002) were the first ones with free aiming
jc48573  +   851d ago
the hell with COD.
superterabyte  +   851d ago
Cod 4 was an amazing game no matter what you think of it's sequels.
Imalwaysright  +   851d ago
The list is missing GTA3, TR, MGS, WinBack, Wolfenstein, Halo, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Mario 64, Alone in the Dark....
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   851d ago
Resident evil 4 not only popularized over the shoulder but a really good testament on how a survival horror should go next. Its not about the action or zombies M.I.A but the mechanic where you need to close a door and bar it with whatever you see is innovative, The pacing and the locales, creepy village, Haunted castle and more. But RE5 missed on improving it and RE6 is just slightly better than 5. Im hyped up for the "Evil Within", since mikami hasn't done a horror game since RE4.
LUKENBACHER  +   851d ago
The only game I truly "dream" about is a real SOCOM sequel picking up where the first two left off. The PS3 generation of SOCOMs have nearly killed the franchise for good. I hope Sony has some good news for their cult SOCOM following on the PS4.

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