CheatCC Preview: White Knight Chronicles - Level-5's Masterpiece?

CheatCC writes: "Taking a slightly different approach this time around, Sony is working with Level-5 to make a truly outstanding RPG for the PlayStation 3; its name is White Knight Chronicles. Though the game has been a bundle of secrets over the last couple of months, more and more information continues to be unveiled as we dip further into 2008. What is White Knight Chronicles? How is it different from your average everyday role playing game? Why am I asking you all these questions? Just see for yourself what Level-5 has in store for gamers later this year. "

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Harry1903657d ago

the best value for money
type of games,if they're done

Harry1903657d ago

this game has fantastic cut-scenes.
now,can anything top a jrpg in terms of lifespan?
well,maybe gta,but that's not the same.

iAmPS33657d ago

I don't know how somebody could disagree with you.
Maybe they think that a game like COD4 could be more value, i don't know.

Homicide3657d ago

Its probably 360 fanboys who are jealous that PS3 owners are getting this JRPG masterpiece.

WKC is going to be the best JRPG this generation so far, since many JRPGs this generation are kinda disappointing. This game will keep me busy until FFXIII comes out.

Harry1903657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

be careful using this word in this zone even if what you're saying is relevant and's like an anathema over these parts.some people got banned just for saying the truth using those words.anyway,it would be even more ridiculous if 360 fanatics disagreed with me.they also had their serving of good jrpg.can't understand why people wish your downfall so much.but then,that's someone's opinion,and sometimes good common sense does not prevail.
edit:grilled,not taking this so seriously.just like that.things changed.last time i checked i had more disagrees than it has changed,and i'm happy.i have feelings.dadada.going berserk.

grilledgorlupa83657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

dont take it seriously its just some point that means nothing. Knowing that your disagree isnt in the teens is all that really matters.

sonarus3657d ago

i am confused about the name of this game. Is it white knight STORY or white knight CHRONICLES. Anyways, the game looks amazing and i can't wait to play it. I wish sony would just announce a release date as this one looks like it will be pretty epic

Harry1903657d ago

white night story methinks.

chaosatom3333657d ago

One awesome rpg added to the list: check and check

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heyheyhey3657d ago


ditto for all Level 5 RPG's

ISA_Scum3657d ago

Pre-ordered when date is revealed! Day one pick up!

TheHater3657d ago

Dammit, I want this JRPG more than Final Fantasy XIII believe it or not. I am just fascinated by this game.

gtgcoolkid3657d ago

Thats a bit too much for me personally. Nothing cross FF13 and FFv13 for RPG but this game comes very close. It will first day purchase.

ISA_Scum3657d ago

This, Valkyrie Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII....oh how the PS3 will finally start to deliver for me once those games start coming!

destroyah3657d ago

This is what people don't understand. It takes time to make quality JRPG's like this one. Mistwalker is rushing all that Unreal Engine garbage they put out. Level-5 makes guaranteed AAA JRPG's, just like Square-Enix. Day one purchase for me and one of the reasons I bought a PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.