An Xbox Live baby is born (warning: cute)

Xbox360fanboy writes:

"Well that's adorable. It turns out that not only is your Xbox 360 a perfect platform for fragging n00bs and otherwise pwning the denizens of Xbox Live, but it's also a fertile place where love can bloom. Behold Victoria Marie Figueroa, the product of a relationship sparked over Xbox Live between Stacy and Mike, two gamers from Georgia and New York, respectively. The two met playing Rainbow Six Vegas and, according to Stacy, "hated each other." Apparently they got over it.

While the story is definitely sweet, it also presents the perfect opportunity to deliver some advice: under no circumstances should you place an infant on top of an Xbox 360. Those things get hot. Also, there's no telling what kind of damage a baby could do to a 360 if left untended."

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wil4hire3717d ago

Lets hope the baby doesn't RROD and have SIDS! LoL.

AllroundGamer3717d ago

can't you see, that this is a new trick how to repair the RROD? - baby towel trick! :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3717d ago

If an Xbox fan said somthing like this it would be reported, and they would be kicked to the open zone.

kewlkat0073716d ago

you should be banned...

All I know is " Karma is a B#$%h".

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TheHater3717d ago

I really don't think it health for the baby to be around all that heat.

Legionaire20053717d ago

Look at the picture again and you will see no green light on.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33717d ago

...POOR BABY!!! ;-D
Think the Red Ring of Death light will keep him up tho!!! ;-D

Hentai3717d ago

Ken you are the father of gaming, you're my hero! Bubbles for you sir, thanks for creating gaming.

iAmPS33717d ago

Expect a raise on XBOT babies once they release their "HOME" ripoff and the online fornications increase exponentially.

We are doomed!!!!!!!

iAmPS33717d ago

Kutaragi created gaming as we know, anything before was just sprites and cartridges, sad, sad world.

GETPWNT3717d ago

U f*cking morons. Everyone knows Miyamoto created gaming.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3717d ago

You mean "disc" gaming like the Sega CD, Saturn, Atari Jaguar, 3DO, or PC gaming? Sony invented nothing that wasn't already here, they just sold more.

Dumb droid... now take your ass on down to Walmart and pick up your stupid sign before they run out. I swear, some of you droids are just brain suckers starving to death, "trying to eat your own brain".

Dumb dude, real freaking dumb.

Phil Harrison Mk43716d ago

Yeah POOR BABY!!! ;-D
Hes dad has got a xBox 360 + His mum has got one to!!!
What a sad way to be born to!!! ;-D
+Poor baby is gonna fry on that xBox 360!!! ;-D
+Nintendo make toys!!! Not real men consoles you retards!!!

Phil Harrison Mk43716d ago

Wonder if hes gonna look like the TERMINATOR???
i.e having one Red eye??? like the xBox360's Red Ring of Death!!! ;-D

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33716d ago

The guy who made 'PONG' created gaming???
I created it for the EVERYONE!!! ;-D
Hmm there are a lot of JEALOUSY People on this!!! ;-D

Pain3716d ago

Poor thing . first thing it will see is RROD

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Harry1903717d ago

asexual relationship then.
they are one and only person:
a dutch fool.

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The story is too old to be commented.