CheatCC Review: RPG Maker VX - Become The Maker

CheatCC writes: "The early days of RPG gaming holds a soft spot in many hearts of many oldschool devotees. Wandering around insipid 2D map grids in search of invisible random encounters to grind in order to level-up, stock up on gold, and gain new abilities for use against the denizens of yet another dank pixilated dungeon is a pastime that should invoke a feeling nostalgia for anyone who's picked up RPG gaming in the earlier part of the past three decades. RPGs have come a long way since, but the basic mechanics are still appealing on a certain level to this day. Japanese game and magazine publisher Enterbrain has just unleashed the next iteration of a program that empowers budding developers and RPG fans alike to create their own dungeon crawling masterpieces."

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JVIDICAN3716d ago

this things great
-easy to use
-finally added a character that looks like sephiroth