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The quest for Shadow of the Colossus' last big secret

Eight years after its release, there remains a group of secret seekers looking to unearth Team Ico's final mystery. (Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, PS2, PS3, Shadow of the Colossus)

blue_flowers  +   699d ago
cool read! still one of my favorite games
MariaHelFutura  +   699d ago
The Team Ico Collection is one of the best discs of this generation, considering it launched at $39.99. Ico looks better in HD than some current gen games and SOTC is SOTC. It's also one of the highest rated this gen. Amazing.
ardivt  +   699d ago
I bought the collection one week ago. SOTC alone is one of the best games I have ever played. the collection is totally worth it.
Arai  +   698d ago
Reading these comments made me want to buy the game.
I bought both SotC and ICO, seems like an emotional trip lies ahead.

Which is something very rare in games these days...
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Walker  +   699d ago
Shadow of the Colossus is the best game ever made since Half Life 2 !
ThichQuangDuck  +   699d ago
2 very different games, but my personal(ALL THE DISAGREES BELONG TO US) list of my favorite gaming experiences

1. Bioshock infinite 1999 mode first playthrough

2. GTA games giving friends 6 stars then giving the playr playing random cheat codes and they have to survive while entering cheat codes

3. Chaos Theory nuff said

4. Halo 2 multiplayer

5. Gears of war 1

As good as half life was and I played it many times due to getting viruses or resetting. Like probably played 10 times more than way through then beat it finally. It is great but it is just well designed set pieces and an okay story
NeXXXuS  +   699d ago
your disagrees are inevitable.
andrewer  +   699d ago
lol the disagrees indeed, but it's cool what you said because it's always the top or worse games, but not top or worse experiences, and I had never thought of that. Like Battlefield 3 - I would give a pretty low score for the game as a whole (shitty sp), but the experience I had @ the multiplayer was simply awesome and funny. But yeah, Half-Life 2 and SotC are way to different to be compared.
-Gespenst-  +   699d ago
Rrrrright... maybe you don't belong in this comments section?
BattleAxe  +   698d ago
Wow ThichQuangDuck........you really suck. Is that a serious list?
Inception  +   698d ago
Bioshock Infinite? Bioshock 1 is much much better than Infinite.
ThichQuangDuck  +   698d ago

let the hate flow through them of an perspective other than their own which is why I USED PERSONAL


These games had relevance to my life not others games are not movies they are not universal meaning or interpretation of just watching images so I don't care all 50 people can disagree and be too scared to say anything

Why am I even wasting time with your obvious comment you post just to get agrees


Wow battle Axe do I think for myself and have a different perspective and life than you

I am a game design major loved games since the moment my mom handed me a gameboy color so if you don't like the games I like cool I don't give a fuck I am not here to please you. These are games that have relevance to my life and I have learned lessons from. It is like you guys are dissing my Dr. Seuss this is what developed me into who I am. Grow the fuck up and enjoy what you enjoy and let me enjoy what I enjoy
zerocrossing  +   698d ago
Your list is controversial so your disagrees are understandable, I'm not sure why you felt the need to share these views here but you can hardly complain when even you knew full well that the majority of people would disagree.
ReubenPatrick  +   698d ago
GTA San Andreas. Riding a tank. Going to my very first brothel. Rode on monster truck and picked up some girls (I didn't know what CJ was doing with those girls but I thought that he was mugging them in the vehicle). Killed someone with a dildo ( I didn't know what it was back then. I assumed it was like a rubbery and floppy tonfa or nightstick.) Piloted a jet like a boss. Burned down a weed plantation. 6 Stars and trolled the hell out of the police, the Air Force, the army, the marines, the navy and the coast guard. Went to Area 51. Did stunts which would put Nathan Drake to shame. All the women flocked to CJ and all the gangstas respected him. And so much more.

Yes, it was a good childhood.

Also ate at Cluckin' Bell and rode a tractor.

Edit: Turned some poor guy into minced meat when I rode on a harvester.
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hobohunterz  +   698d ago
More like one of the most overrated repetitive desolate games ever :)
o-Sunny-o  +   699d ago
Wow that's a long time ago beautiful game. I hope for Japan Studios next installment soon...
eyeDEVOUR  +   699d ago
Last time I played this on my ps2 I was on hardmode 8...lol
my favorite game on ps2 besides ico and Socom2.... Glorydays of gamimg!!!

Bubbles @walker
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andrewer  +   699d ago
"Ueda originally intended there to be 48 Colossi - the number was cut drastically come the final product."

Now make another game with the god damn 36 Colossi that weren't in SotC lol
Embolado  +   699d ago
Now that would be some DLC that I would purchase.
DOMination-  +   699d ago
He would probably still be making it
sherimae2413  +   699d ago
i hope someday i can play this game....
i admire those secret-seekers though.. speciallyy nomad and pikol ^_^..
miyamoto  +   699d ago
make sure you play the HD version

the simplicity of this game is so eye catching like that of Uncharted
RustedMan  +   699d ago
...what happened to The Last Guardian?
WitWolfy  +   698d ago
More like the Lost Guardian at this stage into its development.. I think when this game eventually releases it wont be able to meet peoples expectations seeing that it was so long into development.
breakdancefight  +   698d ago
Word on the street is Ueda is back to help see the project through. No mention has been made of his actual role (that I am aware of), even on a producer role would be fantastic.
JohnnyAkiba  +   698d ago
Lets wait for 10th June. lol
LoveOfTheGame  +   699d ago
This article makes me sad I just have my Ico and SOTC collection just sitting there unplayed.
Genuine-User  +   699d ago
Go play it now! Okay?
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crazysammy  +   699d ago
Awesome article. This is a lost art in games lately. We are so determined to follow where the game takes us and we often times forget the mystery of the world we are in. I am glad that some developers still appreciate the easter egg, and don't "put it in the strat guide" so that everyone finds it with no effort.

I remember when original WoW had a thread about finding the Ashbringer. Everyone was reading the lore and looking for the item, fishing every lake they could, and sharing the results. This is why I love gaming.
-Gespenst-  +   699d ago
I love their attitude. For them it's just about immersing yourself in a beautiful game world- soaking it up. It's not about constant action and constant reward- just your own personal meaning creation and experience. As well as appeciating the world as it is in all it's mystery.

I'd love a game in which you were just plonked in a world to explore it and gradually uncover it's many mysteries. Fetishized violence wouldn't be necessary, just a really spiritual and enriching experience.
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GamerGT  +   699d ago
Are any of these on the PSN store?
wenaldy  +   699d ago
yes, buy now ASAP!!!!
Cirehpsa  +   699d ago
Pretty sure you can get both ICO and SOC on PSN, and I believe you can get them both at a discounted price.
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eyeDEVOUR  +   698d ago
Don't spend 20$ a piece for them on psn when you can get both on one disc at Gamestop for 20$
isarai  +   699d ago
LOL i still to this day try to find the Last Big Secret of Shadow Of The Colossus. Easily one of the best created open world maps to date, so much mystery, so much intrigue, so many unique things to find, and so much variation. No other game map has ever gave me the great sense of adventure and discovery that SotC did no matter how much they tried
Deadpool616  +   699d ago
They don't make games like that anymore. If you want any extra secrets these days, you have to pay up for them.
rezzah  +   699d ago
Love this game so much, my all time favorite. No other can come close.

When I crossed that bridge the feeling was amazing. Also got the chance to catch a glimpse of the ICO castle.

This game is amazing.
josephayal  +   699d ago
best looking remake eva
NBT91  +   698d ago
Did you play it in 3D?
The flying colossus and some of the bigger ones just walking toward you in 3D, staring down at you... Jeez it was downright terrifying.

Incredible game. There will never be anything quite like it.
Cool people are still looking for secrets in the game, reminds me of the book "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline lol
Tontus  +   698d ago
I tried the remastered versions of ICO & SotC and didn't like them at all. I found them bland, boring and utterly pretentious. I tried to like them, putting almost 5 hours into ICO and 2 houra into SoTC... couldn't finish either.

I wish I loved them but at least I tried them.
cjflora  +   698d ago
I want to scream "WHY?!?!?!?" at you, but to each their own. I feel this way towards Demon's Souls. I couldn't stand it and everyone around me balks at me and can't understand it. Not everything clicks with everyone.
NBT91  +   698d ago
Tolerance of differing opinions on the internet? Madness! =P
oof46  +   698d ago
The article is a good read. Judging by all the half finished material that is in SotC, it seems Ueda was forced to cut A LOT out. I don't know if someone was providing oversight for this game and not the Last Guardian or Ueda just would not compromise. Hopefully Team Ico gets it together and releases LG for the ps4.
mayberry  +   698d ago
I just got to the "secret garden", and started shooting all the fruit, oops!,...lost alot of stamina! Awesome game!
azshorty2003  +   698d ago
Very good article! I had no idea there was so much to discover in this game or that there was such a devoted community still playing and trying to pick the game apart.
Ozmoses  +   698d ago
That was a good read and showed how enthralled people can be by a game.

I still haven't played SOTC. I should put all other games aside and actually play it.

I played ICO when it first came out. I rented it from blockbuster for 10 days straight.
Alkaline1240  +   698d ago
I was apart of this group a quite a while back. Im surprised theyre still searching.
E2S  +   698d ago
If this game doesn't get a true sequel on PS4 it will have been a waste of a system.

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