10 ways to make MotorStorm 2 great

PS3 Addict takes a look at MotorStorm and previews how Evolution Studios can make MotorStorm 2 a truly great game.

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Harry1903691d ago

actually gets in the game.
and free dlc if they think
of doing it,free,free.

heyheyhey3691d ago

my thoughts exactly

MS2 will be great

TheHater3691d ago

only one thing will make this game great. And they have already done that. They add 4 player split-screen.

Storm233691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

While I agree with you that 4 player split-screen is the most important, the others are also features that must be in this game. I really want custom soundtracks which should be ready through in-game xmb anyways by this games release and if not, I will kill someone. Add the others(LOAD TIMES, more levels, etc...)and this total package will be incredible!

Agente473691d ago

I doubt 4 player split screen will show enough track to be playable, I hope I'm wrong. But if 2 player split-screen works fine, I'm happy.

Storm233691d ago

I am happy I will playing sometimes on a 57" 1080p HDTV so not being able to see enough track won't really happen. But for my TV, that will suck.

actas1233691d ago

I think improving the Single Player mode is as important.

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EastCoastSB3691d ago

Although they need a new lobby system, it was complete sh1t on the first game. And a ranking system that makes sense.

sumfood4u3691d ago

Kinda like Road Rash but HD effect lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.