Could Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo All Suffer The Same Fate?

With the recent announcements of the PS4 and the confirmation of the Next Xbox, the complete next generation of console gaming is close upon us. While the Wii U is being met with mixed reactions, one could wonder if The Big Three game companies could all suffer the same fate together.

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The_Infected1635d ago

No well idk about Microsoft since the reveal isn't until May 21st but from what I seem of the PS4 it's ready with features and games so the launch should be strong.

MariaHelFutura1634d ago


Sony- Things are looking and sounding good.
MS- No one knows, but the rumors are sketchy.
Nintendo- Things aren't looking so hot.

Yi-Long1634d ago

... everybody is really excited about what has been announcedfor the PS4 so far, and the last few years Sony has really won over many people.

Nintendo right now seems to be a bit in the dog house, with a console that isn't convincing (yet?) as 'next-gen', and missing any real must-have titles.

Microsoft have been focussing on dashboard-apps and Kinect for the last 3-4 years, while also charging heavily just so people can play their games online. They've certainly lost me, and from what I gather, most of the people I know as well.

Unless Sony somehow really screw up, they should be doing very well with the PS4.

insomnium21634d ago

FFS what is there to disagree with in Yi-Long's comment?

dedicatedtogamers1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Since we're going to have far fewer middle-budget games due to rising dev costs, gaming journalism is going to be murdered next-gen. That's one thing that will change, mark my words.

Here's why. Nowadays, every game has to be AAA, 9/10 score. The market is already so crowded. If your game averages less than 8/10, you're sunk, especially if you were expecting millions of sales. I hate to say it (but don't deny it) but some companies will just keep doing what they're already doing: giving out swag bags and all-expense-paid "reviewer retreats" to get the good grades while keeping that unspoken pressure of "we'll pull our advertising budget..." over journalists' heads.

What will happen is devs will start to do stuff like the smaller devs do: mailing lists and fan clubs, just like the good ol' days. This is how ATLUS keeps all its fans in the loop. It doesn't matter what review score a game gets, because ATLUS has already sent you ten emails over the past 6 months showing how cool the game is.

Yi-Long1634d ago

... first of all, I doubt development will cost significantly more. I even doubt it will cost more than current gen.

Here's why. First of all, this gen, PS3 and 360 were 2 very different beasts to develop for. Next-gen, they have a pretty similar infrastructure, said to be much easier to code for than PS3. Obviously, this alone already means it will take a lot less effort and time to release great versions for different consoles.

Not to mention that both the PS4 and next Xbox will be very similar to PCs, so those games will also be much easier to bring over to the PC-platform and be sold there.

Also, programming-software has become much better and faster. Lost of stuff like creating a animation, landscape and lighting can now often be done very quickly using existing programs, whereas before that just took a lot more time.

Rendering CGI, where necessary, is also much much faster.

So no, I don't think development cost, ON AVERAGE, should really be that much more expensive next gen. Obviously you WILL have developers and games really pushing the boundaries, taking years to get it right, hiring expensive voice-actors, buying official licenses, etc etc, but in general, I think it will remain at about the same level.

Not to mention the cheaper marketing nowadays, where you can reach an audience of millions of potentially interested customers, by simply having a free Facebook-page or whatever.

abradley1634d ago

Yeah ,Yi is correct. It won't increase a lot if any. And speaking as someone who gets free games from companies to do reviews on, the proper reviewers amongst us will not be swayed in our opinions of the game itself no matter what we receive.

At the end of the day, someone's choice to spend £40/$60 on a new game or sequel is often down to what we as game reviewers say about it. To mislead those readers is just going to get you into shit for not doing your job properly. The idea that a game has to get 8/10 minimum though is bull. I will play anything with a 4+ as many of those games are good. I think most games nowadays are too highly rated in the first place. Very few games should ever get 8-9, let along 10 scores.

WiiUsauce1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

You do realize Microsoft has the dominant console in North America for the "hardcore gamer," AKA, the CoD/Madden/Battlefield retards. Sony's PS4 is staying on the shelves here in North America. Mark my words.

The only region I see PS4 being a success is Europe, where the PS3 is the dominant console over the Xbox. And about Japan? Consoles are on a decline, and gamers there prefer the convenience and portability of handhelds (the reason why the 3DS has already outsold the lifetime sales of the PS3 in Japan), so I don't see the PS4 being as successful this time around as the PS3 was over there.

shivvy241634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

i reckon the issue was that the ps3 was $600 and people just couldn't spent alot back when the economy fucked up, i remember when my 3 friends wanted a ps3 but bought a 360 only cause it was alot cheaper! one of my friends regretted it and bought a ps3 a year later, my other 2 friends went to pc gaming ! i also have another friend that wants to buy a ps3 just to play uncharted and the last of us ! - True Story

abradley1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I didn't believe that until I looked it up, your right. PS3 = 6.5 million as of 2011 and 3DS = 11.5 million as of 2013. Add an extra million or so for the year gap and the 3DS still has outsold the PS3 by double.

That is probably down to the fact that space is Japan is at a premium, portable consoles then get a big advantage in such environments.

However, with 30 million+ units sold in Europe alone, I think its safe to say PS4 will have a home to go to. Specially as at the moment, the Wii U will be lucky to break 30 million at this point.

Godmars2901635d ago

If next gen is a step by step FPS, post-apocalypse, realistic and gritty repeat of this one at the very least there's not going to be any growth or change.

oof461635d ago

The one hurdle that all these companies have to overcome is convincing their userbase to spend $500 - $600 on a new system and games. For the cash strapped parent or adult, this can be a bit much to ask while there are still great games coming and a vast library available for current gen systems.

Now there are loyalists and the hardcore who will buy it day one, but for each system to gain momentum, they need the mass market to make the switch.

chadboban1634d ago

Geez finally someone is thinking on a larger scale here. Sure we(gamers who pay attention to gaming news) are all excited for "next-gen" consoles, but the fact is most consumers don't even know what the term "next-gen" even means. Pricing is also crucial here, just because a lot of folks here are willing to shell out $500 for a new system doesn't mean the average person will be willing to do the same.

I will say one thing, Sony was extremely smart to name their system the PS4. It's much easier for the average person to not get confused by that like they can with a name like Wii U, Nintendo wouldn't have such a hard time getting the message to consumers that it's a new system if they had just put a number at the end instead of an additional letter.

Jaqen_Hghar1634d ago

A man would remind you that not many people have been early adopters on PS3, 360, or WiiU. These consoles have legged it out. They do most of their sales after a price cut or two so the "average" consumer won't pay $500, they'll pay $400 or $350 after a year or two and the console will continue on a stride from their. There's a sales curve with consoles as the Wii is the exception that proves this rule.

specialagent45321634d ago

help me understand why the price of a console matters so much. Meaning we buy useless things at exorbitant prices like tablets (is just a smartphone only with a bigger screen minus the phone capabilities). A fountain really is pretty yes but it sure wastes water. E-readers really the smartphone is already capable of ebooks and emagazines. So yes I don't understand why $500.00 or $600.00 is too much for a console. I mean really expects the PS4 to cost less than $500.00 :'(.

oof461634d ago

The average parent who does not game does not know the difference between consoles. One time while browsing the electronics section at Sears during the ps2's heyday. I saw a parent buy a ps1 and a copy of Gran Turismo 3 for the ps2. The sales person told the mom they weren't compatible and that she would need to buy a ps2. She saw the price tag and promptly put everything back.

So, yes, price matters.

LOL_WUT1635d ago

I think Nintendo made their own fate. Sales wise yeah their might be a slow start but in the end it all comes down to who has the better software. ;)

BattleAxe1634d ago

"Could Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo All Suffer The Same Fate?"

These low IQ questions bore me.

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