Exclusive: Never Before Seen Ura Zelda Screenshots and Concept Art

Zelda Informer: "We recently revealed that Ura Zelda has been effectively canned, but that doesn't mean the folks behind it wanted to see their work get completely unappreciated. I have in my possession a nice file that contains a lot of bits and pieces pertaining to Ura Zelda, but for now I am just going to release all of the screenshots and concept art contained in the file. There appears to be an awful lot of "behind the scenes" drama, some of which we will elaborate in a different post at another time. For now, lets just appreciate all the work that went into it, with the game mod/new zelda title we will never see."

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Relientk772057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

That concept art is awesome

Root2057d ago

Why cancel it for good, I'm pretty sure this could of went towards a future game.

lashes2ashes2056d ago

It was only a fan made project. There was like three people working on it.

kirbyu2057d ago

This is some weird stuff.

cero552057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

with the picture of the hero of light/dark i see it going in a fable type direction.

jcnba282057d ago

This stuff concept art is amazing.

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