New Injustice dlc revealed through puzzle

Looks like new characters aren't the only thing we're receiving. We already know Lobo will be coming May 7th but what other dlc will be released alongside? Well classic Harley Quinn from the original comics and cartoon is in and we're pretty sure who the others are.

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RansomXF1993d ago

That Harley Quinn is what I've actually been waiting for, nice!

LackTrue4K1993d ago

yep, that's the Harley Quinn that i know and love.

vork771993d ago

oh the classics now we need classic batman dlc and all characters classic

Root1993d ago

To be honest every character in this game should of had an alternative OLD SCHOOL costume to unlock like Harley Quins

DLC skins should of been like Adam West Batman for example or Godfall Superman.

WildArmed1993d ago

It'd definitely spice things up a lil'.

I love the current designs of all the characters, but old school is always a nice addition.

Root1993d ago

Plus it's better then paying DLC for stuff that used to be unlockable at one time

Those were the days :)

omi25p1993d ago

Godfall Superman is an unlockable skin.

Root1993d ago

Seriously....havent got that far yet.

Well thats good to know, but even then it was just an example

just-joe1993d ago

Would be cool to have Adam West costume, and if Adam West voiced him when he wore it would be hilarious.

Pozzle1993d ago

It's great seeing old-school Harley again :)

lizard812881992d ago

I heard the Wiiu version isn't getting DLC, if that is true, ouch.