Ars Technica Game Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rings of Fate

Ars technica writes: "The original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles had some great ideas, but ultimately failed on a crucial front: namely, it required an exorbitant number of peripheral appliances in order to function. The multiplayer-centric title needed a separate cable and a Gameboy Advance for each player: an obstacle that overshadowed the otherwise-enjoyable game. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate, the new DS successor, alleviates many of the original's problems, suffering only from too much ambition.

The DS has proven to be a capable platform for the four-player action. The system's local WiFi multiplayer capabilities allow for the seamless local multiplayer experience that the original hoped for. Unfortunately, the lack of online multiplayer and the generally mundane single player make this a title that's only worth buying if you have the friends to play it with."

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PS360WII3501d ago

Sure Square Enix is making this game as multiplayer option but the single player story is engaging unlike what this reviewer is saying :(