Draw Slasher Review - PSLS

As you might expect from a $6 downloadable PlayStation Vita title, Draw Slasher doesn’t feature a sprawling narrative that sets up a story for the ages. Instead, you see a ninja named Hanzo walking home from Summer Camp, who is then quickly attacked by Pirate Monkey Zombies. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1605d ago

Based on the leaderboards, it doesn't look like many people picked this one up.

-Mika-1605d ago

I don't have the game but do you know exactly how many people are on the leaderboard? It suks that it doing horribly. It priced correctly

ftwrthtx1605d ago

Sounds like Game of the Year material

dbjj120881605d ago

It sounds cool... but... I'll pass.

Wedge191605d ago

Marketing on this one was severely lacking... no matter the price point or how good/bad it is, if it's not marketed, no one will buy it.