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Which Xbox 720 and PS4 Releases Should Highlight the Next-Gen?


With the next generation of consoles getting closer and closer, the slate will be swept clean for many franchises and studios as they prepare for a whole new set of consoles. New technology, more powerful consoles, and the chance to bring even more extravagant ideas into reality has made gamers very excited to get their hands on the new systems. Here is a brief list of games that I personally would love to see on the PlayStation 4 and next-gen Xbox. (Dev, PS4, Xbox One)

Jek_Porkins  +   726d ago
MMO's on a console were absent for the most part, would love to see some of these next generation.
maniacmayhem  +   726d ago
Would love to see a better emphasis on maybe RTS type games. Maybe something in the lines of DoTA/LoL. A type of game that is developed specifically for consoles and just as fun as the two games I just mentioned.
KwietStorm  +   726d ago
My God that site is full of random crap and ads everywhere. I'd like to see games like Heavy Rain but involve traditional gameplay. Something like an old school choose your adventure, maybe even with RPG elements.
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dboyc310  +   726d ago
I honestly would die to catch a glimpse of Quantic Dream's new game. If it's a story revolving KARA I will go ape sh*t for that news. Plus new Ip's from ND, GG and Mm would be great too.
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josephayal  +   726d ago
720 and PS4 are almost equal, but the PS4 may have slightly better specs
elhebbo16  +   726d ago
deep down. if it is multiplat that is.
nigelp520  +   726d ago
MAG= 256 Players
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   726d ago
Deep Down!! or the "Survival Horror Genre" should make a comeback and im sure many people will be happy about it. They have been absent for too long and FPS dominated this gen so much. Another great genre that should also reign supreme are JRPGs. We have blockbuster western rpgs like skyrim, mass effect, dragon age and fallout but there isnt too much good JRPGs. there are of course good ones but not that many compared to PS2 era where almost half of my game are JRPGs, suikoden series, tales series and more.
level 360  +   726d ago
I'd like to see Sony do some research and introduce an up and coming game developer with a new kick-ass game to introduce the PS4 followed up by a couple of triple A titles from well known ones.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   726d ago
Generic military shooter 9 and Over cliche movie moments turned into quick time events 4
CLOUD1983  +   726d ago
Give me quality traditional JRPGs by the dozen & hardcore "true" survival horror experience & I'm sold, OH! yes I forgot.. SONY bring back Legend of Dragoon already!!!

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