PS4 Looks Poised to Play Second Fiddle in the Call of Duty War

Push Square: "Love it or loathe it, Call of Duty is an important cog in any console’s catalogue. The series may have peaked in popularity with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 still managed to rake in a cool $1 billion in just 15 days on the market – an impressive sum for a series that’s supposedly on the dip. As such, regardless of whether it manages to break the records of its predecessors, the just-announced Call of Duty: Ghosts is almost certain to be one of the biggest games of the year. So, it’s problematic for Sony that Microsoft appears to have dibs on the title for the time being."

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Minato-Namikaze1569d ago

No not really. No one game or franchise will decide a generation. MS can keep buying timed DLC content and sony will keep rolling out fresh new and innovative IP's.

Biohazard88601569d ago

Agreed. Sony is always making new and exiting new ip's cant wait to see what else they have in store for the Playstation 4.

Campy da Camper1569d ago

This game is not even a rent. I'm waiting for TLOU, fallout 4, Infamous3 and watch dogs. Running around with akimbo shotguns got old for me about 4 years ago. Unless ubisoft brings back spy vs merch or the new rainbow is a next gen Vegas then im just not interested in mp unless its dark souls style.

Utalkin2me1569d ago

Be different if MS knew how to play the first fiddle....

GrieverSoul1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

This is going to ignite some of you but here is my view on this:

I wish CoD was a Xbox360 exclusive!!!

Because if only one platform has CoD then the other will have more variety. CoD is a problem in terms of innovation. Its a 10million player market (on Ps3) every developer wants to dip its fingers leading to crappy multiplayer experiences.
I mean, Halo is a great franchise but it doesnt makes me prefer the xbox line up instead of the PS3 line up. I have both 360 and Ps3 and both of them have great games. But the PS3 simply has more IPs, meaning more variety and great experiences.

andibandit1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )


COD isn't a problem in itself, it just fills a need in the market...remember before COD we had 8 years of Counter Strike, I personally never thought that game would go away.
COD wont go away by itself, can only be replaced.

abzdine1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

yes who gives a s*** about COD multiplatform game anyway with all the exciting IPs sony is delivering.

while people will be fragging with the same COD just with better graphics i'll be busy playing Drive Club Killzone: SF Watch Dogs and inFamous: SS on PS4 and Beyond on PS3!

And when i hear Versus XIII or Shenmue 3 are coming exclusively to PS4 i should care even less about COD. E3 is gonna be awesome, i'm telling ya!

Jazz41081568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Didnt sony start this new generation by playing ms games of securing watchdog and destiny dlc content. All i am reading in these comments is a double standard and ms had plenty of new ips early in the 360 development so its possible with ms new found studios you might have to come up with a new quote like sony has no games and then itwas xbox has no games. This constant back and forth is just getting old to me.

Irishguy951568d ago

You know what would make this year for me? Versus 13 releasing on ps4 this year/ I would have no choice but to day 1 the Ps4 which is generally against my policy.(I never buy new consoles day 1, they generally have very few games to play, Ps4 looks to be the exception)

Enemy1568d ago

Lol @ the Ghosts art. This game is already aiming to be the next game to make the kids on XBL feel "cool".

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guitarded771569d ago

Agree... especially when the game in question is available on so many platforms.

Y_51501569d ago

It will be available to all platforms! :P

guitarded771569d ago

I think you failed to comprehend my comment. Either that, or you're just randomly replying.

NBT911569d ago

But it being on lots of platforms when one of them has a better version is a bit of an issue.
I mean, it is being unveiled properly at the XBOX reveal event... I see where this is going and I don't see it going well for COD fans who are PlayStation fans.
Timed exclusive DLC? Perhaps. But even if PlayStation fans will say "Who cares? We only wait 30 days and we will have it anyway!" it is still a thing the XBOX version has over the others, whichever way you dice it.

Sony seem to focus on getting exclusives these days, which is great. Much rather have entire games exclusive than just DLC, but COD gamers who only want a console for that game are going to go for XBOX, surely?

DeadlyFire1569d ago

Dude. PS4/X720 CPU design is almost identical. GPU design is as well with a few software touches on each platform for their supported APIs.

PS4 will be smoother and better experience than many Xbox 720 multiplatform games and there is nothing you can do about it. Even Call of Duty should be fluid as ever on PS4. PS3 Cell CPU was a giant maze for developers to squeeze out all the power for a game to even match up multiplatform wise it needs some of that CPU push.

DLC is not important. User content is important. That needs to happen this generation.

JamieL1569d ago

@ DeadlyFire
You say that with such certainty you are almost convincing. Really though, how could you possible know that?
"PS4 will be smoother and better experience than many Xbox 720 multiplatform games and there is nothing you can do about it", LOL let’s put the shoe on the other foot.
How would you like to login and read? "Xbox 720 will be smoother and better experience than many PS4 multiplatform games and there is nothing you can do about it"? Let me answer that, if someone posted that on here about ¾ of this community would blow a gasket. How do you people fool yourselves into believing you own bull$h!t?
One more serious question, do you even think your comments out before you post them?

guitarded771568d ago

@ All of you...

DeadlyFire is forming his hypothesis on FACT that the PS4 will have x86, and most certainly the Infinity will also have x86 processor. This means, there will be little to no difference between the PC, PS4 and Infinity.

I cannot say one will be better than the other, but the differences will be marginal at best, and as a computer programmer with some knowledge in architecture, I don't believe there will be ANY noticeable difference between the three.

The ONLY difference will be platform support, which MS had the advantage of this gen, while Sony had the advantage in Battlefield support for DLC and PC had the advantage in capability.

Also, remember, this game is also being released on current-gen consoles, so I don't expect it to be the be-all, end-all of CoD games. CoD2 was the same case, and look at how far current gen consoles have come since then. I can assure you all that CoD will NOT go to a single platform, and Activision will NOT risk losing money from their number 1 cash cow just to take part in a fanboy war which they don't even give a crap about. The only reason MS would have ANY advantage boils down to money. If Sony wanted the advantage, they could pay for it, but they feel their money is better spent in development elsewhere.

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L6RD7BLU31569d ago

I will never get the point of timed DLC Sony will get the DLC eventually anyway so why waste the money.Maybe it's just me I really don't care about multiplayer maps all that much to where I have to have it day 1

bangshi1568d ago

For consumer or business?

I found it odd that MS did it so far into the current cycle when most people would have already bought a console.

I can't see many people ditching their PS3 to spend a load of money on a 360 just to get COD DLC earlier.

However at the start of a generation it could be a very, very big decision maker for many people.

If you're looking at the consoles and thinking 'they're quite similar but I love COD' you will likely plump for the 720.

Jek_Porkins1569d ago

COD wont decide the generation, but it is the most popular and talked about game of all time. People will now, once again associate Microsoft with the best COD experience. To think it wont have any impact would be living in denial, but as I said it wont win a generation, just a nice feather in the cap.

Sevir1569d ago

The Game more than sells its fair share of multi-million numbers on the PS3, so its hardly Sony shelling out money for timed exclusive when it comes at the latest 1-2 months after the xbox version.

The game sells bucket loads across both the xbox and PS3, and MS showing off a multiplatform game to define their next gen platform is pretty funny! It seems that history will likely repeat itself with MS's business model.

While this gen, sony will keep a steady flow of Exclusive first party but also court 3rd party as well as net Indy talent. I love the fact that Sony demonstrated the power of the PS4 with a Game built specifically for the PS4 and not a Multiplatform game, as its showcase, I know WatchDogs was also demonstrated but it wasn't the first game demo'd.

I'm not saying that the next Cod will be bad but and i'm not saying MS is wrong for showcasing a franchise that helped it become very popular among the PS3/Xbox360 gen of gamers, but this dependence of 3rd party multiplats at a console reveal? Its like yawn, show me a killer Built for the New Xbox exclusive running on engine tailor made to wow the crowd. It doesn't have to be a new Ip, just SOMETHING other than a yearly franchise that will likely LOOK and perform the same on the rival next gen platform.

just_jeff1569d ago


I beg to differ, my vote goes to GTA being the most popular series this generation! But COD is very close.

jetlian1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

well jeff you would be wrong. GTA only had one game this gen and gamers slammed it!

COD has been number 1 on HD consoles

Cod playing second on ps4 depends on how strong 720 is

aceitman1569d ago

if it didn't work with the ps3 -360 era with the 360 having a year head start, how will it happen with sony coming out at the same time or 6 months ahead od ms. aint going to happen .

JamieL1569d ago

How did it not work? The market share the 360 gained over the Xbox is nothing short of a MAJOR success.

Thatguy-3101569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Exactly. Just look at this Gen. Sony came with a 600$ machine, all the bad ports etc. Look how much it has accomplished. Sony didn't need anything exclusive from COD then and it won't need it now. Same goes for the respawn "exclusive". Sony has a lot of studio's that can develop Ip's they don't need to rely on third party exclusives.

colonel1791569d ago

Also, Sony makes IPs for different genres and not only shooter. That's what I like about them.

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joab7771569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It ultimately didn't matter this gen. Didnt ps3 get close or pass in number of cod players?

The big question after the respawn announcement is EAs relationship with xbox. If both Cod and Battlefield 4 are shown at MS' s E3 show that could ne huge.

Sony made a splash with Blows game and Destiny content. It made me think Activision has chosen Sony for next gen but not with CoD so maybe Battlefield remains closer to Sony. It will be interesting to see where we see Destiny at E3. Could they simply give special content to MS too?

I am not a huge fps fan and all of my friends play CoD and B on ps3 so....I am not sure how big a deal having timed dlc is anymore anyway. Is it even worth the money? If its CoD the game a month early, that could ne huge.

Anyway, I believe this says something about MS' s trajectory...its the same. They will use this gens biggest games with CoD and Halo to push gaming content for hardcore fans while also pushing new ways to entertain yourself. They will introduce really cool shit to enhance their online capabilities. It isn't strange that this gen will be just like next gen. PS4 will b more powerful but it will only show with exclusives. Sony will ne better with exclusives etc. And MS will have better all around online capabilities and features. And just like this gen I will buy a ps4 and then an xbox at some point. And many will do the reverse, especially at the lower pricepoint. Both will win and so will we. Poor Nintendo.

jcnba281568d ago

Poor Nintendo? The company with the best exclusives? LOL

Kingdom Come1569d ago

You are aware that Sony already have confirmed exclusive DLC for "Watch Dog's", "Destiny" and "Assassins Creed 4" right?

colonel1791569d ago

Exclusive content ON DISC, so it is not DLC. Also, it's not timed-exlusive, which COD content will likely be. Unless of course, Microsoft signed a new exclusive deal with Activition for the next Xbox.

AngelicIceDiamond1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Uncharted, infamous, GoW, GT, Heavy rain Little Big Planet soon TLOU, and Beyond will be successes for Sony


Socom, Mag, Resistance, Star Hawk, Twisted Metal and Almost PSAS either got cancelled or didn't do good. Nothing from Agent and Last guardian. (hopefully this E3 we hear from TLG.)

You have to wonder how many fail to wins games Sony will release next gen.

@Sonic Resistance didn't sell that good therefor Sony shelved it. But to be fair Insomniac did go Multiplat so Sony is probably making anew studio to tackle the Ip.

Forza's still here. In fact its rumored another Forza could get released with the new Xbox.

Fable The Journey I'm personally glad it failed. (sorry Kinect owners) that game had no buissness being Kinect title.

Crack Down sold over 1.5 million by the end of 2007

"Crackdown premiered to very strong sales. During the week of its worldwide release of February 22, 2007, it was the top selling Xbox 360 game in North America, Japan, and the UK.[40] The game was the top selling game in North America for the month of February 2007, selling 427,000 units.[41] Ultimately, by the end of 2007, the game sold 1.5 million copies worldwide." -Wikipedia

Who knows where the sales are at now.

Crack Down 2

It to sold over a mill. I know, I know its Vg but its the only source I could find.

Lol Forza Horizon was not a failure? How are you comparing Sony's cancelled games to Xbox games that still exist. Steel Batallion yeah it failed and? good (again sorry Kinect fans)

Perfect Dark Zero was great launch Window? Hows Haze Lair, and Transformers doing for you?

They both have had failed games but Sony's is most notable this gen.

WeAreLegion1569d ago

As long as they release them, I'll be happy. Those "fails" gave me some of the happiest memories I'll ever have. ^_^