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Submitted by Lavalamp 1014d ago | video

Why Soul Sacrifice Isn't PS Vita's Killer App

IGN: "Soul Sacrifice is a good game. A very good game, in fact. But it's not the Vita savior lots of people hoped for." (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice)

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Donnieboi  +   1014d ago
I'm not convinced by this video's arguement. Not saying that Soul Sacrifice is good (or not), but IGN's video didn't help get their point across.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1014d ago
Oh IGN. Is it a slow news day? You had to scream from the mountaintops "GUYS! STOP BEING EXCITED! SOUL SACRIFICE ISN'T A KILLER APP!"

Journalists really flubbed on this one. After reading a lot of reviews and then sitting down and playing the game, it's clear that they didn't invest any time before slapping out a review. A lot of reviews brushed over or ignored the online multiplayer (which even people with the demo were able to see). I didn't see a single review that talked about the Peddler or the fact that you can unlock and upgrade your AI companions.

I'd like to remind people that early Monster Hunter titles on the PSP got horrible scores from journalists (including IGN's own reviewers)

Not to shill my own work (nope. I lied. It's shilling) but I have a review up on N4G for this game that actually, you know, covers all the game's bases:
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Donnieboi  +   1014d ago
^ This.

Also, I'll check out your review. Thanks man.

EDIT: Okay, I read the whole thing (it was long as hell though--good thing I took a speed reading class), and now i'm convinced that I should replay the demo again. I got confused by a lot of stuff in that demo, and now I understand it better now that I read your review. Taking in consideration everything u wrote in your review, plus my re-playing of the demo with this new understanding, should help me figure out how to play and then help me decide if I will buy the full version.

Thanks. Your review was good, and it actually EXPLAINED why the game is good (in your eyes). Better than IGN's useless review.
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Th4Freak  +   1014d ago
I have to agree with you these guys aren't trying at all, the worst review of all is the Polygon's one, author's argument was basically this: "Soul Sacrifice isn't anything like Monster Hunter so the game is a pile of trash"

Seriously MH fans shouldn't review SS...
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SilentNegotiator  +   1014d ago
It "isn't a killer app" because sites like IGN don't WANT Vita to have any killer apps. If the same game were on 3DS, it would be getting 9s and 10s.
KrisButtar  +   1013d ago
Well I couldn't get my copy of SS cause the EB Games in the area were sold out Tuesday, and I have to wait until this Tuesday, when they get more stock. They also ordered copies from their stores, to get some sent here. So either I get my copy Tuesday or sooner if the ordered copies arrive.
GameCents  +   1013d ago
I've read this so many times concerning ps exclusives that I'm starting to believe ps fans don't believe any ps game not critically acclaimed was reviewed properly.

Reviewer is always biased, too casual, too hardcore, too lazy or too stupid to understand the gem that is the ps exclusive.

Why exactly would you like to remind people about MH low scores? Do you realise how insecure that makes you seem?

@Silentnegotiator, are these the same sites that gave Persona on the Vita a 94% average on metacritic? Those reviewers or some other alternate universe reviewers we call on to when a ps exclusive isn't acclaimed?
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1013d ago
Seriously that Colin guy is really miserable and never seems to be excited for ANY playstation game.
andibandit  +   1013d ago
Im sorry but the game really isn't that good, i find most reviews spot on, but i fully understand that you want to defend your investment.
himdeel  +   1014d ago
Agreed. SS is exactly the type of game I wanted on my Vita. A game made for the system, not a port, not a HD remake. I was hooked on the demo and see this, and Guacamelee, and Persona Golden being the most played games on my Vita for a long while.

I'm more and more convinced that the games the IGN Playstation team want on the Vita will never exist and they don't enjoy gaming on the Vita. Finally I dont think the Killer App for any system can exist anymore. There are games lots of people may purchase but they could just as well do without them.
killerorca258  +   1013d ago
I agree, games should be reviewed in great depth, I.e. a full story mode play through, 3 hours of online (if applicable), and 2 hours of post story playing to test longevity. Games should be judged for their ability as a great game, not compared to other games in the genre e.g. comparing SS to MH when those games have very little in common, and games shouldn't be judged on their ability to sell systems. I bought a 3DS because I saw Kid Icarus Uprising, I couldn't care less about Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D Land, or Super Mario Bros fifty millionth stale release. Kid Icarus was a brilliant innovative game, that like SS had faults, but it was new and exciting and although it had a great story, it's multiplayer was the best part.
showtimefolks  +   1014d ago
i hate this notion of Killer game or killer app, is SS a very good game? yes. Will it help move some systems? most likely

this current gen the worst thing that happened to gaming community was any game under a 9/10 is bad or not worth the money

intead of hating maybe people should actually give some of these games a chance before bashing them
MastaMold  +   1014d ago
People that enjoyed the demo bought Soul Sacrifice day 1 and I fall into that category also i'm not even into rpg's but this game is different and awesome, great addition to my Vita game collection.

Sent from my PS Vita
xGrunty  +   1014d ago

Totally agree. I like the game because it is different.
sherimae2413  +   1014d ago
lol, how many of this stories would come up? maybe every exclusive vita game that will be release?

just because its a new ip, in genre that is considered niche in the west cant be a killer app, but some people are going to buy a vita just for this game, just like those who bought their vita just for gravity rush, p4g, etc

IGN: why is killzone:mercenary isnt the definitive FPS we been waiting for the vita
IGN: why tearaway isnt the vita's killer app
and so on and so on untill all the vita owners get use to it ^_^
dedicatedtogamers  +   1014d ago
"and so on and so on untill all the vita owners get use to it ^_^"

It would be fair to say that a lot of Vita owners are PS3 owners. PS3 owners already got used to it, especially during the first half of the gaming generation.
GribbleGrunger  +   1014d ago
2008 still makes me shiver.
DigitalRaptor  +   1013d ago
This whole corrupt industry makes me shiver.
Aceman18  +   1014d ago

so true that's why i don't bother with reviewers opinions. especially these big name sites.

Soul Sacrifice had me hooked the minute i played it at NYC Comic Con, and i couldn't wait for it come out.

for me this is a killer app like Gravity Rush, and Uncharted GA.
Protagonist  +   1013d ago
I dont even click on sites like IGN anymore and especially not Gamespot << worst gaming site on the net!
oof46  +   1014d ago
Wewease...the secwet...weapon!!!

....price drop....
himdeel  +   1014d ago
People keep saying that a price drop will help move more Vitas. I dont think that is true. Dropping the price of the memory cards has to happen first. The Vita is the perfect system for digital content. BUT people will still complain about a lack of games even if the current lineup already has something for everybody.
vickers500  +   1014d ago

I was one of the 160,000 people who bought a Vita during the black Friday sale when they had it for 180 dollars. So i would say that a price drop definitely would help sell vitas, as i had absolutely no plans to buy a vita at its current price. Memory cards should also be dropped SIGNIFICANTLY as well.
Dan_scruggs  +   1014d ago
Womp Womp

The only Vita killer app is a price drop and fixing that ripoff of a memory card.
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Williamson  +   1014d ago
Cant really trust ign reviews since you dont know if most of the reviews are legit or paid off. People need to play the long demo and see if they like it.
Veneno  +   1013d ago
The exclusive reviews are probably the paid off ones.
GdaTyler  +   1013d ago
Soul Sacrifice is fine. I'm betting Killzone: Mercenary and/or Tearaway will be a big hit. They look great so far!
Kratoscar2008  +   1013d ago
We knew. The Vita needs a PROPER Call of Duty, or Original FF, or Original GTA and so on. It needs AAA games.
Protagonist  +   1013d ago
And then you would probably complain about the PS Vita not having original IP´s.
Inception  +   1013d ago
I seriously don't understand what exactly the majority of western media wants from Vita. I mean, months ago there's a lot of articles that this journalist DEMANDS tons of new-fresh IP for vita. They don't want ports or games that also developed in the same time for PS3. But look at this IGN video. Soul Sacrifice IS a new IP developed exclusively for Vita. And judging from a lot of user response, this game have fresh & addictive gameplay that can hold hundreds of hours of replay value. And why right now IGN talk nonsense about Soul Sacrifice? Isn't this game fit the bill that they always bitch every month?
Veneno  +   1013d ago
I love my Vita, but even I can admit that theres a lot of things that keep it from being accepted by the mass market.

The big opportunity was Call Of dUty Declassified and we all know how that went. If the game had only delivered on the call of duty quality we all know I can guarantee you that the Vita would be a hot hot item righ4 now. But no, they messed up that golden opportunity and activision will not do the annual call of duty 4hing on vita ev3nthough it would be the easiest money ever cause they would jus4 have to translate the CoD experience to vita which is easy as pie.

There are some bright spots. Sony is bringing the indie games to vita which the all the journalists seem to love. And seeing how amazing uncharted golden abyss was its safe to say the next uncharted on vita will make the same quantum jump we saw from UC1 to UC2 on ps3. Im really looking forward to that.
Inception  +   1013d ago
CoD Declassified is not made by Sony. You can thank Activision & Nihilistic Soft for making a half ass game like that. Besides, look at AC 3: Liberation. It sold well (last time i heard it sold 600k copies, cmiiw) and the quality isn't far from console quality. I'm sure gamer who bought Vita for FPS will anticipated Killzone: Merc than giving their money for garbage game like Declassified.

And for non-fps gamers, i think Tearaway, Ys Celceta, Muramasa, Dragon's Crown, FF X, or Soul Sacrifice will keep them busy until Sony announced some new FF, GT, GoW, UC, or Gravity Rush on E3, GDC, or TGS.
Veneno  +   1013d ago
Im well aware that sony had no hand in Declassifieds development, but you do remember there was a Vita/Declassified bundle dont you? Meaning that Sony stood behind themgame as system seller like AC Liberation. If Xbox had a handheld with an exclisive CoD you better fuken believe that game would be flawless.
Kingthrash360  +   1013d ago
ss is killing and sacrificing all my other apps right now...
guys at ign are dicks with pcs. how can they take the time out to make a video article about a game they didnt review correctly. guess some people hate to admit their they dont like the vita for some reason..example ..goto ign and look up mlb the shows review, sly cooper review, sfxt review. all ports of ps3 games all compared to ps3 counterparts all given bad scores becuase it didn't stand up against the ps3..after seeing this ask yourself when does a handheld get compared to consoles like the are the same in power. of course it wont be better than the ps3...unless you can fit a bluray disc in a vita it never will.. so what is over looked is the fact that these games are very close to a current gen powerhouse that is the ps3
and should be praised for this feat..the devs work hard with games no bigger than 4gigs. nfs is a great example game size was 2.9 gigs on the vita while the ps3 was 8gigs...still they fit 92% of the content in the game...also the fact that most the vitas fighting games can connect players playing the same game on the ps3...I mean really isnt that a first? so ign can go ahead and talk shit and down play the vitas power and games all it wants but they are losing alot of respect from gamers who pay attention to the things that they dont want you to for some reason BEYOND my understanding. also fun fact ss is 1.7 gigs...smaller than some iphone games yet far more content..... go vita.
DivineAssault  +   1013d ago
in the west, i think KZ mercenary will be vitas selling point.. Not knocking the game in any way but westerners prefer shooters & sports games above all else.. I am the opposite & like rpgs, action/adventure, etc but im the minority out here.. I like what KZ is looking like & i dont even care for shooters so im sure others will be intrigued.. All i know is that Sony still has PS4 connectivity to show off with the thing so ppl will buy it after a price drop & more games..

Im like 2 hours into SS & i really like it.. Though i wish the missions were longer & i had towns to explore.. Other than that, the game is fantastic! A sequel should address those kinds of issues..
DigitalRaptor  +   1013d ago
That depends. If you'd look at European trends and standards there is more demand for diversity there. I think you're talking about the U.S. when talking about sports and shooters.
DivineAssault  +   1013d ago
o-Sunny-o  +   1013d ago
IGN is stupid.
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