Has Microsoft Disavowed Vista?

Technically, Vista is pure misery. It eats system resources like an elephant does peanuts, Windows applications break and its so-called improved security is a joke. I know it. You know it. Even Microsoft's most devoted yes-men know it--although they won't admit it--and perhaps Microsoft knows it as well.

It seems that Microsoft is already giving up on Vista and is setting up business users to switch from XP to Windows 7.

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Rikitatsu3657d ago

Vista sucks ... XP is the Ideal choice , MS should discontinue Vista ASAP

Kakkoii3657d ago

If they did that, they would have a class action lawsuit on there hands.

Microsoft will continue to support Vista. But alot less then originally planned. Moving onto Windows 7.

The only way they could Discontinue Vista. Is if they gave free Windows 7 to all people who have a legit copy of Vista.

Superiorrior3657d ago

Well long story short, whomever decides to buy a legitimate copy of windows Vista got suckered in bad.