Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Review | IGN

IGN: "A good port of a terrific fighting game in its most balanced form, but the lack of online play bars it from greatness."

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DivineAssault 1971d ago

im buying this friday.. i love this game

Sephiroushin1970d ago

This fighting game is awesome, but I want a new Guilty Gear for PS4, or even for PS3 / PSV, heck any console just continue the story !!!

DivineAssault 1970d ago

in 16:9 & redrawn sprites in HD.. That would be great.. Blaz Blue is awesome but i liked GG better

nugnugs1970d ago

Love this and Blazblue, but no online took it from one of my must haves to not interested. I'm gutted.
I know it will be good but I want to test myself against others, even if I do get creamed every fight!