Nintendo Fan Calls For Change From His Toilet?

Max Level: "Yesterday while scrolling through the wonderful sub-earth known as Twitter, I came across a link from Torrence Davis (of our good friends This wasn't just any ordinary link, however. This was a gateway to an excellent sermon on why Nintendo's abandonment of holding a huge E3 press event will come back to haunt them.

Youtube user cfinecoco, who's username will make you thirsty for a hot and milk chocolaty cup of Swiss Miss, preached as if doomsday was inbound this June for the beloved game company. He not only made his plea with ample conviction, but he did so from his bathroom and appears to be sitting on his toilet!"

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Sunnyknight2052d ago

you find a lot of truth in what he's saying. It stinks that Nintendo isn't going to go on the main stage this year. They may not have any new hardware, but they should still show off their games.

majiebeast2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

"It stinks"

I see what you did there fryface.jpg. Well played sir well played.

We shall see how this turns out for Nintendo but i think next year they will have a presser again. Nintendo will be at E3 just in lesser capacity then Sony and MS. I cant state that enough cause people think Nintendo will not have booths and live demo's for the press, but they will.

Wenis2052d ago

Didn't N4G used to have a sister site for articles/videos like these

vakarian752052d ago

Satoru Iwata already said they were just going to show software at E3 and have some of it playable.

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MikeyDucati12052d ago

No need for Nintendo to hit the main stage when you got so much hoopla surrounding the mysterious Durango and PS4. They would just naturally be out shined as if they weren't there. Nothing against Nintendo, but it's just a smart business move. Don't go to the gun range without a gun.

TheUndertaker852052d ago

... unless you want to learn about guns?

MikeyDucati12052d ago

It's quite apparent that Nintendo doesn't have anything to unveil or to show.

Bobby Kotex2052d ago

Considering N4G is filled with toilet worthy articles, it only makes sense.

yewles12052d ago

Aw sh**, he's taking the p***...


Yehshuah2052d ago

that means he wants to sht on nintendo

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