Computerbild-Spiele GTA 4 Preview

The german magazine Computerbild-Spiele has published a preview of GTA IV, new informations :

* The aparence of Liberty City change according to weather.
* Water will spatter on the camera when you will gain speed by boat.
* Muscles cars are in the game. They will be fast but difficult to drive.
* The drive in boat is easy.
* According to the shocks, your car becomes fewer and fewer manipulable: braking, trajectory...
* It will be possible to target vehicule.
* All characters have his style, own charm and a different body movements.
* Even the minor characters will be completely recognizable.
* The characteristics of Nico also change during the game
* Talk with your business partner, will learn to you a lot of things of the gangter life in Liberty City.
* You can trhow objects on motorbike.
* Warehouses offer possibilities of escalation.
* When you will be arrested by the police, they put the handcuffs.
* Nico bellic is solitary. However, during certain mission you will have to make a real teamwork.

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i understood what they was saying coo new info...imma rape this game