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Submitted by PockyKing 1018d ago | opinion piece

Three Exclusive Titles Microsoft Should Announce on May 21st

OnlySP: So we know at least one of the games that Microsoft will be debuting at the next-generation Xbox reveal will be Call of Duty: Ghosts, which of course isn’t all that surprising. However, as with Sony’s conference earlier this year, we fully expect Microsoft to reveal a bunch of new exclusive properties to get people hyped up for the next-gen Xbox. Or, Microsoft could dupe the hardcore and strictly focus on casuals, but we’re betting that won’t be the case. (Alan Wake 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Fable 4, Next-Gen, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

ThatKanadianKid  +   1018d ago
I'm really intrigued to see what has become of RYSE. For a Kinect game, it looked pretty fun. If it has been made controller accessible now too, that will certainly grab my attention as a title to watch. Cryengine 3 will certainly run a lot smoother on the upcoming consoles compared to how choppy Crysis 3 runs now, even on the PS3.
PockyKing  +   1018d ago
Didn really see any gameplay of it, so who knows if it'll be fun. Games that have gone completely dark like RYSE has though get me worried, but if it involves Rome and FPS sword fighting I'm interested. And if it's not a Kinect exclusive..
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Fergusonxplainsall  +   1018d ago
Alan Wake 2 !!
Biohazard8860  +   1018d ago
I agree that needs to happen...!
Biohazard8860  +   1018d ago
Microsoft should have rare make a kameo 2 a new perfect dark killer instinct 3 Conker 2 a new banjo oh but that is just my silly little dream :-( !
Relientk77  +   1018d ago
That's what I was thinking

The Kameo, Conker, Banjo Kazooie franchises

would like to see them return
Jek_Porkins  +   1018d ago
A new Perfect Dark reboot, Killer Instinct, Kameo or Banjo game are plausible, but they probably wont ever take another gamble on Conker, that game has failed miserably on a Nintendo console and Microsoft console.

I liked the game, bought Live And Reloaded for the original Xbox, but the game just never caught on.
aviator189  +   1018d ago
I agree.
MS has rare sitting on a number of great ips. It'd be a shame to let them go to waste.
maniacmayhem  +   1018d ago
Crackdown 3 (Fully destructible NEW city, RPG like customization of characters)

Perfect Dark 0-2

Conker Bad Fur Day 2
PockyKing  +   1018d ago
They'll have to really show me something special for me to want another Crackdown. Both the original and sequel are my some of my favorites, but 2 was a big disappointment compared to one. I was hoping for a much bigger upgrade then adding zombies into it haha, but still had plenty fun with friends and getting the agility orbs...agility orbs, man.
Why o why  +   1018d ago
NEW city

glad somebody noticed they took the piss with part 2

Ill only ask for one

Crimson Skies... Gimme that and ill be quite for a minute at least
vega275  +   1018d ago
actually if MS had givin the studio that made part 2 more time instead of just 6 months. i sure they would have done a better job than they did. but i hold MS accountable for that mishap
Aceman18  +   1018d ago
even though i loved Alan Wake part 2 isnt going to be enough for me to shell for their system. i have absolutely no interest in kinect games, or another fable game.
Jek_Porkins  +   1018d ago
If people are expecting a ton of game announcements on May 21st they might leave disappointed. Microsoft has already said the majority of their games will be announced at E3.

They will definitely show off COD Ghosts, and maybe another couple of titles that most people suspect, but anything big or shocking will surely be saved for E3.
Biohazard8860  +   1018d ago
I agree just hoping they focus on games but they wont i understand they wanna own the living room experience but to throw away games in favor of just the rumored cable xbox support more focus on entertainment it's not really a game console anymore -_- they need to focus on games! another reason why the PS4 will be my next generation console of choice cause atleast they focus on the games and what people want. hoping microsoft proves me wrong tho...
Jek_Porkins  +   1018d ago
To be fair they are offering pretty much the same experiences as the next PlayStation, just because they don't say "We're for the gamer's" doesn't make it any less so.

I mean Sony brought out a camera like Kinect, showed off Move, and their social media functions, does Microsoft not get the same opportunity?

Would you want Apple or Android to just make phones that can only make calls and nothing else? I think it's smart to give people options, the games will be there, hell, 90% of the games on the next Xbox and PlayStation are going to be exactly the same. The May 21st reveal is most likely going to be the console itself, the OS, Kinect 2.0, games, demo's and features.

Any of the big games are going to be shown at E3, which is what that conference is all about. Microsoft has more game studios than any other company, they have more money than Sony and Nintendo combined, they can afford to offer games and entertainment on a single platform without either suffering.

I'm all about options, I never turn off my 360 anymore, it's always on no matter if I'm gaming, watching movies, Youtube, listening to music ect..
panbit86  +   1018d ago
The thing is that for Sony it's not just a statement. They've proved time and time again that their main goal is to built a great exclusive game library based on quality and variety. Even Move was implemented on some great hardcore games! And all this doesn't stop a Sony console from offering everything you said. Movies, Music, Youtube, Netflix etc and an amazing service like PS+!
The keyword here is: Balance!
MS kinda lost it and its console history doesn't help either...i am sure they'll come up with some interestings games for the next gen but the way they handled both their previous consoles, their exclusive ips and the developers will probably repeat. To me this matters the most and no app or gimmicky peripheral can change it.
Why o why  +   1017d ago

so true. Been saying that consistently for ages. Balance
ALLWRONG  +   1018d ago
Yeah because May 21st has already come and gone and we know everything.
KillerPwned  +   1018d ago
Alan Wake 2 will happen if not Launch someday.
josephayal  +   1018d ago
Left 4 dead and Kinectimals
Dlacy13g  +   1018d ago
I would expect to only see 1 or 2 MS IP's at this event, the rest will be 3rd party. MS will save their bigger game reveals for E3.
QuantumWake  +   1018d ago
Alan Wake 2! Crackdown for next-gen consoles would also be quite amazing (CD2 was just a fat disappointment. Not surprised really since I heard Ruffian only had like 1 year or so to develop the title and MS rushed them a bit).

But as Jek_Porkins stated above, I'm not expecting much games to be announced come May 21st as MS already stated they will show off their full line-up come E3. Some teasers during the Xbox reveal would definitely be good though!
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ThatsGaming  +   1018d ago
Microsoft will focus May 21st on third party publishers... EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and 2K will all show up...

Sony fanboys will say MS is light on first party exclusives as a result...

At E3 MS will drop megaton after megaton of both third party and first party exclusives. Alan Wake 2, a Perfect Dark Sequel, Killer Instinct sequel, and Project Gotham 5. Plus Respawn exclusive and a Japanese developer exclusive.

Sony will announce a Square Enix exclusive and Last Guardian will re-appear. In addition to Sony detailing the exclusives already announced...

Both sets of fanboys will be happy with the performance of MS and Sony. The internet will flair up in the console war, but in the end MS will outsell Sony in NA and UK in the new gen, Sony will outsell MS in the rest of Europe and Japan in the new gen and we will be back at square one where the sales are even.
Bathyj  +   1018d ago
Not really interested in any of them.

MS should announce a Crimson Skies game. I would probably buy a console for that if it was awesome.

I would have liked a Brute Force reboot a couple years ago but now Fuse looks like it will probably be in the same vein.
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nigelp520  +   1018d ago

Kameo 2
True Fantasy Live Online
Mechassualt 3
MichaelLito79  +   1018d ago
I have used pretty much everything xbox has to offer. As an owner of all game systems at one point or another I have always come back to Xbox the reason being they just catered to the kind of gamer I am. They have a great os system. I love the fact that I can chat with my buds without having to wait for a game. I love playing the best games like Halo and Gears of War. I use the Xbox for Movies rentals. I use the fios for cable, I use half the apps they offer because they have sports, movies, gaming sites and more. The arcade games are great especially the games I love to play. Overall people forget Xbox live helped propel the competition into having a better online service and although I hear fanboys constantly mentioning that the services are equal. It is all blantantly a lie.

Here are the some games I am looking forward to seeing on the Next Xbox Alan Wake 2, Ryse, Forza, Perfect Dark, Halo 5, Crackdown, New IP Zombie related.
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jaiten111   1018d ago | Spam
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1018d ago
Ryse and alan wake 2 are very good choices. But next gen fable? Really??!! author must be a peter molyneux fan. "This game will revolutionize the way you play, This fable will be a better fable than my last"

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