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Why Microsoft Sucked The Fun (And Community) Out Of Their Next-Gen Xbox Unveil

FleshEatingZipper writes: Flash forward to today and we’re getting bald-faced invites to watch Microsoft unveil their third console through their current console and through their site. There is no Colony. There is no Xbox point man to reassure us that this console is coming to us from a place of enthusiasm to make games. This is no longer an affair for the hardcore because the crowd has grown so much larger. The Xbox is far beyond just games, it’s far beyond just Halo, Oddworld, or Gears of War. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

PopRocks359  +   938d ago
Simple; they allowed this rumor about "always online" to go completely out of control and waited far too long to say something about it and it resulted in a lot of anger and frustration from gamers on the internet. It's hard to get excited about something after a mess like that.
TFXR  +   938d ago
But watch the Colony video included, they talk about all the benefits of 'always on' seven years ago and it sounds amazing.
zerocrossing  +   938d ago
Always on is fine if you can play games without an Internet connection, otherwise it's a terrible idea.
DragonKnight  +   938d ago
Always-on in the sense of your console will always be connected to facilitate things like updates and new features is one thing. Always-on in the sense that you can't play games without a network connection will NEVER be right and NEVER have legitimate justification even if that justification was "if you are always-on, we can make games cheaper."
CEOSteveBallmer  +   938d ago
"Optional" is the word that microsoft is missing here if they really implement it. I can just imagine playing a game when my internet goes down, in the middle of my play a message pops up, my game booted me out to the main menu and tells me, "There has been a connection Error, Please connect to the internet to play".
ziggurcat  +   937d ago
dragonknight hit the nail on the head.

if its implementation is such that you never have to turn on your console or boot a game only to find out that an update is available, i'm all for an always-on connection. if its implementation is such that it's required to be online in order to play your games (even if it's single player), then that's a load of horse ****.
Blastoise  +   938d ago
" and waited far too long to say something about it"

And then they came out with "Deal with it" lol
PopRocks359  +   938d ago
Eyup. That was a derp on that guy's part. I feel badly that a series of poorly thought out tweets lost him his job, but in this day and age you have to be careful what you say when you're in those high profile positions in the industry.
Diver  +   937d ago
I don't feel bad. It wasn't one faux pas. It was a progression over days of jibber jabbering. An it was jibber jabber driven by arrogance an condescension. Especially bad was jabbin peeps that couldn't really control where they live.

Nah this dude wasn't fired for one tweet an one mistake.
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BitbyDeath  +   938d ago
MS shot down the rumours of next xbox and illumiroom pretty quickly


so considering they have said nothing yet about 'always online' it is most likely real.
YodaCracker  +   938d ago
They didn't "shoot down rumors" about Illumiroom... That's an interview about the tech where they were asked when it will be available. Nothing to do with rumors. Microsoft, like any company, does not comment on rumors or speculation. Especially when it deals directly with unannounced hardware. You can't tell people specific details about the next Xbox, especially when it does not even officially "exist" yet.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   938d ago
Consider MS never had stamped a date on their console. Now people are gonna try and say "oh the rumors say this" or "oh the rumors say that."

I understand the bad rumors were happening with Sony before they revealed it. And no, no internet don't trick yourselves in saying

"well Sony showed there love for the gamers, therefor announced the console to clear up the rumors."

Sony announced its console right before the rumors formed into a monster of speculation and misconception.

Remember when Sony trolled MS with this comment http://n4g.com/news/1158634... Look how easy and sensible with the majority of peoples comments.

a couple of weeks later the PS4 gets announced via Ustream.

Now 2 short months later MS stamps a release date finally. Now people are saying "its no surprise now."

MS let the rumors pile for a reason. They know rumors don't go beyond gaming sites no matter how bad.

They are rumors, anonymous sources from all four coners of the internet were coming hard at MS. I do believe these "unknown sources" were making up some of these rumors as time passed. Because that's the sweetest part about the internet, gosspip and stories.

@PopRocks Yeah that's the internet. Rumors don't go very far via word of mouth.
malokevi  +   937d ago
Lol. Another hilariously written troll article.

I suspect the author is already playing on the next Xbox, hmm?

That, or blowing smoke out their ass.

I'm banking on the latter.
CyborgNinjaGreyFox   938d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Dlacy13g  +   938d ago
LOL.. to the author what exactly is a " bald-faced invites "?
KillrateOmega  +   938d ago
No facial hair allowed.

They don't take kindly to it in them parts :P
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kneon  +   938d ago
That would explain why I didn't get one :)
wolokowoh  +   938d ago
The author is using baldfaced to mean obvious, straightforward, or unmistakable. Microsoft went from being completely secretive to inviting people to Next-Gen Xbox in a straightforward, open manner. No attempt was made to hide what it is truly is. It's an invite to an Next Xbox event not just a Microsoft one named something ambiguous. A little linguistic history. The term "Bold-faced lies" or "bald-faced" began as bare-faced lies, meaning the face wasn't covered up and no attempt was made to cover the lie up. It turned into bold to characterize the behavior. Bald meant white or bare so it somehow morphed into that.
Dlacy13g  +   938d ago
Well there you go... I learned something today. :)
aviator189  +   938d ago
I'm plenty excited about what ms will show at their xbox reveal event.
And as for rumors regarding anything, I normally just brush them aside and wait for the real thing.
Aceman18  +   938d ago
i'm quite the opposite i'll watch the reveal, but i'm not really excited for it nor will i be purchasing it.

been gaming for over 30 yrs and this is the first time i probably wont be owning multiple consoles in one generation.
Septic  +   938d ago
You won't be purchasing a console you haven't even seen? Well that sounds odd to me, but I'll be doing the more rational thing and wait till the reveal to make up my mind. Most likely however, I suspect that I'll be buying both consoles at launch.
Aceman18  +   938d ago

if LIVE is the most important part of the xbox experience, and i refuse to pay someone else to access my own internet im already paying my cable subscriber to do what would be the purpose of buying their new system?
Supermax  +   938d ago
I'm looking forward to the next box gonna be fun and exciting for me just like I loved watching Sonys event
jcnba28  +   938d ago
I'm looking forward to the Xbox event. Hopefully they show some new IPs.
vikingland1  +   938d ago
I'm just as excited for the new xbox as I am for the PS4. They didn't suck the fun out for me.
FlyGuyHung  +   938d ago
I'm beyond excited for it, no hype lost here. Excited to see them crash and burn or rise up triumphant.

I think they have a bit working in their favor with the negative rumors case if they end up squashing some of them they'll end up looking that much better on the other end. Only time will tell.
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trenso1  +   938d ago
even though I'm most likely not going to purchase the nextbox i do want to see the reveal, cause gaming in general is exciting to see what the newest things are
S2Killinit  +   938d ago
I hope that MS does well, I am personally going to purchase a PS4 but I will get the xbox as well down the line, if finances allow me /:
sandman224  +   938d ago
Because they made us real gamers wait this long to get a next gen console. Microsoft was the next runner up to unveil there system last year. Then Sony would follow. But no Microsoft is taking there sweet old time to the point that Sony said screw them were not waiting for them we will show our console now. It's pretty bad that Sony was sick of Microsoft taking almost a decade to show something. That's why Microsoft isn't exciting. They're lame like windows 8.
Grimhammer00  +   938d ago
I was once amused by gamers ability to ignore faults in there fav consoles and the policy makers that go with these machines.

Now I'm mostly just saddened. Even if MS shows great games and always online as not required for all games. (MMOs will obviously always need this, as does all mp games.)....I think the direction current gen has been taking is aweful. And that applies to MS most of all!

Casual focus
Apps and services locked behind⬇
Pay to play
Paid exclusives

This doesn't include things we know are likely coming-

Gold membership required for TV services
Gold membership increase $
Motion control forced fed via kinect being mandatory.
Dan_scruggs  +   938d ago
Microsoft shouldn't hold themselves responsible for a childish community that overreacts to every rumor they hear.
The_Infected  +   938d ago
Yea because its so hard to say the rumor is false isn't it? That's all they have to do.
LogicStomper  +   937d ago
But if they respond to that rumour, they wouldn't be living up to their word that they "don't comment on rumours and speculation" would they?

What's the point in 'going silent' if you end up responding to rumours? Doesn't that just oppose their strategy at the moment? Think of it like this:

"We're not going to say a word about the next xbox until the announcement date, but we'll respond to all the rumours you bring up about it".
vega275  +   938d ago
I'm excited to see what the next xbox specs and features they reveal. I've gamed on my pc and 360 all this gen and haven't been disappointed in the least. I mostly want to see how MS proves all the negative rumors wrong just to see how all these gaming sites spreading them will spin everything they wrote to this point.

I also want to see what new games they have coming out and how they will evolve xbl and what improvement they have made to kinect. I have no doubt that they will have a great show and prove a lot of people wrong.

Cant wait til the 21st.
MichaelLito79  +   938d ago
I agree I am having an incredible run with Xbox 360. Can't wait to see what MS will show off.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   938d ago
Fanboys getting the spin machine rolling even before the debut of the console.
gameonbro   937d ago | Spam
PiperMCFierceson   937d ago | Spam
from the beach  +   937d ago
These guys liked Xbox before it was cool.
ichimaru  +   937d ago
Lol why is the title in Past tense, did I Miss something? Thought the "unveiling" wasn't for another 28 days
patterson  +   937d ago
I can't wait to see how much the subscription fees will be on the next XBOX. I hope they continue to go up.
Jek_Porkins  +   937d ago
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as a gamer I'm super excited for the reveal. I think some people suck the fun out of things themselves, if you go into something expecting it to be bad, it'll end up bad no matter how it goes.

I always try to remain positive about everything, it's how I live my life, and as a gamer of course I'm excited.

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