Resident Evil Revelations Demo Info (In-Game Screenshots)

This just in from Capcom about the new Resident Evil demo and retail release! Also make sure to scroll down before the release info to check out the newest screenshots from Resident Evil Revelation’s (hope you enjoy some awkward side boob action!), including pictures of the games unique Wii U features!

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Qrphe1971d ago

Do home console ports have dynamic lighting?

Skate-AK1971d ago

They just say they reworked the visuals and re-textured models. They don't go into specifics about lighting.

AsimLeonheart1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

The game looks great for a 3DS port!

LNDCalling1971d ago


@Qrphe if they're dynamically lit boobs... I'm in lol!

On subject... am still not sure! RE 'was' one of my, and indeed my wifes, favourite franchises but that seems to have withered somewhat in recent times. :/

Plagasx1971d ago

Can wait to play this on PC.

jetlian1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I'd guess the demo is coming next week. About 2 weeks before the game. Can't wait to try it out