Why Is Everyone Being So Sketchy About The New Call of Duty On Wii U?


You might have heard today's big news: the next Call of Duty is called Ghosts, and it's coming to current- and next-generation platforms this fall. To be specific: according to publisher Activision, the game is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and "next generation platforms."

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Gr811971d ago

Activision say the 'next gen' versions of CoD haven't been dated yet? and included Wii U in that equation?

Leave it to Kotaku.

PopRocks3591971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

^Pretty much this. Activision has a tendency to port their games to everything. I'd be pretty surprised if there was no Wii U version of the next CoD, especially when you consider that there were several CoD games on the Wii.

EDIT: Oh, and because Kotaku is a sketchy tabloid, not a credible news source.

-Mika-1971d ago

The call of duty games on the Wii sold well. Black ops 2 for the wiiU sold horribly. The vita cod game even sold better than the Wiiu version. So that why alot of people are wondering if activision would even bother bringing it to the WiiU. Ever since BF4 was cancelled for the WiiU and alot of third party games skipping the WiiU. You can't blame us logical thinking gamers of being wary of the Wiiu future involving third party games.

SonyNGP1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

"us logical thinking gamers"

DeadlyFire1970d ago

Install base of WiiU needs to spike pretty fast to gain more developer support. Activision likely will port it to WiiU, but I don't expect golden sales on WiiU for it. Install base is still small.

jcnba281970d ago

You don't consider Wii U next gen? LOL

BlackWolf1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Sorry man, I hit disagree instead. I'm with you. The Wii U deserves its place as a Next-Gen console.

PigPen1970d ago

As gaming journalist, you enlighten them. How can that be possible.

thaimasker1971d ago

Why the hell does kotaku articles still get approved...

BattleTorn1971d ago

Seems like a better source than half the, self-run, sites that are submitted (and approved) on N4G

Salooh1971d ago

I don't think voting down the website works. It appears that approved articles are the ones that effect the stars.

Jek_Porkins1971d ago

People were only sketchy at first because the Wii U version wasn't listed, turns out Activision didn't list next gen versions for release and they continue the Wii U next gen.

Salooh1971d ago

black ops 2 released on wii u. I think ghosts will release on all consoles. So it's obvious that it will release on wii u too. Why would people doubt that ?..

sandman2241970d ago

Probably because they would rather see it on the new Xbox and ps4. Your better off getting the 360 version than the wii u version. I know I owned both version of blops2 and sold the wii u version along with the wii u

nerdkiller1970d ago

you never had a wii u. if ppl want to play it on wiiu thats their business just cuz you hate doesn't mean ppl must follow you. this is coming from a guy whos not getting one any time soon

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The story is too old to be commented.