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One of the first reviews for the game. Here is what had to say, "The story, while short, is extremely fun, fast paced, and immersive. You're the leader of your squad and you're going through Las Vegas trying to stop evil terrorists from blowing up a bomb, all with a surprising twist towards the end that I(Steve519 from am not going to spoil.

As with the previous Rainbow Six games, the online play is really where it's at. Vegas 2 offers many different game types and maps for you to choose from, along with many different options for you to choose for each mode. There are several different weapons to choose from, and in the game you're given the chance to customize your character from top to bottom. This was popular in the prequel, and is also going to be in this version. Once again we are offered face mapping, and again it does take a long time to get your colors and skin tones right. Unfortunately they still do not allow you to use much of the equipment for your head if you do the face mapping, and still it looks a little cheesy, but do not let that stop you because it's always fun to see your real face in the game.

Enough of the face mapping talk, let me(Steve519 from get right into the review because that is why you are here. You want to find out if this game is truly all that."

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sonarus3501d ago

going to try to get this tomorrow. Thats if gamestop has it tomorrow. They probably won't have it till wednesday:(

joydestroy3501d ago

yup, wednesday.
i even pre-ordered mine and i get it on wednesday after noon.

THC CELL3501d ago

Great review
i hope it gets a bit more then a 8.5
vegas 1 got 9.2

sonarus3501d ago

yea but from what i am hearing its all pretty much the same as the last one. Feels a bit like an expansion pack apparently

Rice3501d ago

i might rent this game.....if its really goood i'll buy it...

TheExecutive3501d ago

Rainbow six: vegas online sucked. Laggy and like one map was used. P2P usually sucks. I was playing resistance before the first vegas came out and it was shameful how bad and laggy the first rainbow six was.

I had a lot more fun playing singleplayer than i did with the MP,

fenderputty3501d ago

one thing or the other about RFOM's multiplayer experience. One thing is undeniable though. Online functionality in RFOM was top notch and has yet to be met, at least on the PSN. I wish to GOD that COD4 did things as well as RFOM. Client Servers, Squad mics, easy friend system, easy invite system, easy match making system, lag free, open private matches etc etc etc.

TheExecutive3501d ago

OMG could you imagine? Hopefully R2 learned a lot from the leveling system on COD4.

Bazookajoe_833501d ago

I mean a 5 should be an ok game, not really good but not bad. Nowadays a 5 is the most horrific piece of shlt you could ever play. Dont mind me babbling, i just find it interesting.

Ps: It´s probably a good game, but in my oppinion i dont think the first deserved that score so i hope they have improved..

Steve5193501d ago

yes this is so very true. But it is because reviews/reviewers get flamed if it good game doesn't get 9's and 10's. Not every game is 9 or 10 worthy.

Superiorrior3501d ago

Good thing you noticed this as well, because 1up has too, games just aren't what they used to be, games no a days with a 5 mean horrific, and avoid at ALL costs, now they have the letter grade system from A+ to F, all in all IT IS a great system.

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The story is too old to be commented.