Sledgehammer Games Not Involved with Call of Duty: Ghosts

While we've heard rumblings that Sledgehammer Games are working on a Call of Duty game, it looks like it's not Ghosts. Infintiy Ward seems to be the sole developer, or at least going it without Sledgehammer.

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sherimae24131121d ago

maybe the other one is a vita version?
like the AC from ubisoft....
well E3 is just almost a few weeks away... and soon we will all know

Knight_Crawler1121d ago

COD Ghost will be demoed on May 21 at MS event so I doubt its a VITA game.

Plus VITA already got DISCLASSIFIED.

sherimae24131121d ago

@knight crawler

no, im not talking about cod:ghost thats for consoles
im talking about that another spin-off since there are some retailers and rumors hinted about it,
it got a tentative name "call of duty 2013" and listed as a vita title, maybe this time activision will take it properly hence the rumor of neversoft making cod title but the platform is unknown

BattleAxe1120d ago

Sledgehammer Games did a terrible job with MW3, so its no wonder that they don't have any involvement.

GraveLord1121d ago

Nope. Either Sledgehammer is making their own COD game. Maybe Modern Warfare 4. Or maybe even the Vita version like some have said.

oof461121d ago

Makes sense. Sledgehammer helped a depleted Infinity Ward complete MW3. Now that IW is restocked with talent, they can work on Ghosts alone and Sledgehammer can work on...whatever it is they're working on.

Oh, it's rumored to be a mobile game or a new IP.

first1NFANTRY1121d ago

ofcourse not their busy at work on the next cod...sigh...when will this madness end?

The_Infected1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )


-GametimeUK-1121d ago

When people stop enjoying the game and quit buying it. Until then I'm happy that people are continually getting games from a franchise they love, even if I don't like the games any more.

coolbeans1121d ago

Probably the best response on here.

Master-H1121d ago

thank god , they F'd up mw3