The Dark Art Of Batman: Arkham Origins

GI:While art director Jeremy Price and the rest of the team at Warner Bros. Games Montreal are looking to the previous Arkham titles for inspiration, they hope to leave their own mark with a couple of key differences. Since this is a prequel, Batman is a mysterious force in the streets of Gotham. Even the cops aren't sure if he is a myth or supernatural. To emphasize this mystery and fear surrounding the character, the team is planning on amping up their use of silhouettes and film noir-esque low-key lighting to make him a more imposing figure. The developers are also taking advantage of the holiday setting for the game by creating Christmas decorations that are unique to the haunted world of Gotham City.

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CEOSteveBallmer1971d ago

They just used christian bale batman as costume and many people don't quite like his costume. I say for the movies, michael keaton's batman costume was the best. Pointy ears and the face mask is one with him.