Is Illumiroom the Next Xbox's secret weapon?

Microsoft’s Illumiroom technology could be one of the platform holder’s key drivers behind its new Xbox.

As MCV reported in January following the tech’s unveiling at CES, Illumiroom uses a system that harks back to the old Philips amBX tech, but evolves it far beyond anything seen before. A projector is used to extend visual cues from the game beyond the edges of the TV display to the walls of the room in which the user is playing.

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GalacticEmpire1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

This whole illumiroom thing has gotten out of hand. It's either going to be wildy expensive, massively impractical or both. It's a pipe dream wrapped in yet more smoke and mirrors. I guess it could work with PCs somwhere down the line but it's HIGHLY unlikely to ever see a console release.

Cruelty1846d ago

Lets say it does see a console release, eventually. I have two kids that will love this. Im sure many parents will agree, its gimmicky but will make MS tons of cash.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31846d ago

@Galacticempire, it's only using a Kinect and a projector.

GalacticEmpire1846d ago

I'm sure kids would love it,it's a good concept. They'd also like to play paintball in the living room and it'll likely be as expansive and inconvenient.

dcbronco1846d ago

Galactic you have to understand that some people spend more on their children than others. I don't think this will be huge because of the projector. But if MS can partner with a manufacturer to make a cheap stripped down projector geared toward this for a couple of hundred, they might have something.

BitbyDeath1846d ago

Gonna be a great way to find out if your kids suffer from seizures.

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RuleofOne343 1846d ago
but if all the articles had been about this you would be more positive, more open minded but since it not you feel no need to see it as a possibility.

zebramocha1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I think Sony's version is better but its still crap as it doesn't really change gameplay.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31846d ago

Sony's version would require MORE projectors.

Jek_Porkins1846d ago

We don't have any idea of price, it's an interesting concept that requires absolutely no glasses, yet adds immersion into gaming.

For the first time in a long time, I've seen people praise something Microsoft is coming up with, I think it's cool, I've played video games on an HD projector before and I can attest to the fun level.

Do you honestly think they'd be teasing it like they are if it was never going to see release? You can get a decent projector for a couple hundred bucks, Microsoft could take a loss on something like this to get it in people's homes.

GalacticEmpire1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

"Do you honestly think they'd be teasing it like they are if it was never going to see release?"

Milo, that is all.

See fr0sty's comment for a response to "You can get a decent projector for a couple hundred bucks"

@Jek's comment below:
aaaaaaand out comes the strawman logical fallacy. I'm saying something you dislike so I must be "the biggest troll" or on my "high horse". Why not give me a proper counter argument instead of lashing out personally.

Milo was a concept just like illumiroom, what's the difference here?

fr0sty1846d ago

I am a professional video mapper. I've been using this technology to create visual installations at concerts for years. In order for it to be useful against ambient light (both from windows or lights on in the house and from the TV itself), you're going to want a 2500 lumen or brighter projector (and that's on the very, very low end. We use a minimum of 5,000 lumens). You can pick up a 2500-3000 lumen short throw projector for around $500 these days. We'll say it'll cost Microsoft $300, that's being generous. Then you have to toss in the cost of the kinect hardware, as well as the Xbox itself. By the time you buy this kit, you're spending near $1000 for a machine that may not even work properly in your living room environment, and you'll only be able to get the most out of it at night with all the lights out.

It's a really cool technology, but I think it's coming on a bit too soon. They need to let projector and depth sensing tech mature a little longer before rolling this one out, me thinks. Prices need to come down, brightness and resolution need to come up, and then we can talk about marrying video projection mapping with video game.

Just my 2 cents, as someone who does this for a living.

GalacticEmpire1846d ago

Thanks for the professional insight. Although I'm no "professional video mapper", it was obvious this wasn't going to come cheap.

fr0sty1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

You can do some amazing things with video mapping (see attached video). The potential it has when married with interactive gaming is awesome. I just think they're jumping the gun a bit. Video mapping is an expensive art form. The projectors we like to use cost around $50,000 each, and for large installations we'll use several of them. There are 2 of them being used in the video I attached (not my work, by the way, just the work of someone I admire).

I admire Microsoft for attempting to bring this into the living room... but I would expect to see the release of this delayed for a few years at least.

I should also note that just aligning the projectors properly to pull off the effects seen in the attached video would take a team of projectionists several hours to pull off. It was 4 hours per stop on Roger Waters' "The Wall" tour, to align the 25 projectors they used to fill the wall with video. Microsoft is trying to do this automatically with just Kinect. Cool concept, but I'm not sure how accurate it will be. Even being a millimeter off in video mapping creates a skew in the image that ruins the illusion.

InUrFoxHole1846d ago

Not saying ur not good at ur job so don't take offense. I have the feeling if ms really wants to incorporate this technology with the new Xbox they're gonna bring in some pros to make it more user friendly for meat heads like me. Either way I won't pay for kinekt but I would pay a friendly price for this. I bet u love ur job, lol.

Jek_Porkins1846d ago

You are the biggest troll, Milo was a tech demo, Microsoft stated it was a tech demo. This Illumiroon thing is something they've obviously invested time and thought into. They are meeting with investors over it as well, it's a totally different situation.

If you don't like it, don't buy it when it comes out. You are so negative around anything Microsoft, just hop on down off your high horse. We get it, you don't like what they are doing.

zebramocha1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

No it wasn't there is video of it being played,only thing fake about is,milo's intelligence.

jcnba281846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I'm sure you would say the same thing if this tech was coming to the PS4.

camel_toad1846d ago

I would take the Oculus Rift over this any day.

Tapioca Cold1846d ago

I think its great. Would love to see it on all consoles. Pricy at the moment.

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sway_z1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Interesting as it is....

It will not debut on Next Xbox because it won't be ready. MS has already stated this. This is not present tech, it's future the future beyond the next gen.


deadfrag1846d ago

Indeed,you are correct!

josephayal1846d ago

I just don’t understand the purpose of Illumiroom. At first it seems cool in a novel way, but I see it being more of a distraction than something that increases immersion

g-nome1846d ago

It is experimental tech and will not be part of the next Xbox.

SmokingMonkey1846d ago

A projector that faces your television?

It kind of makes your TV look bigger?

Projectors can be loud, and you have to play in the dark?

I'm not seeing this.

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