Dead Island Riptide - "I Am Legend" Easter Egg

A Quick Video showing the location of the “I am Legend” Easter egg from Dead Island Riptide.

The number plate also says “Dead Island”.

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BattleTorn1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I guess so...

(love the game)

Hazmat131848d ago

he didn't have the will to live.

gigoran1848d ago

The easter egg isn't appropriate for the game. Maybe they didn't know about the story at all. This game is zombies, I am legend was vampires. Doesn't matter how the movies treated it, the book and all earlier movies of it, they were vampires.

The only good part about this easter egg is that Will Smith is dead.

TheSaint1848d ago

So the bull**** Hollywood I am Legend which completely changed the meaning of the title.

That sucks.