Scott Miller interview: Prey 2, Radar Group and more

Today marked the official announcement of Radar Group, a new game company set up to help developers create and produce original content that ties into other mediums, like films, comics, TV and more. The company's approach is a little different than the normal developer/publisher relationship in that these properties are created from the ground-up to work across multiple mediums, rather than having to "port" one to another.

Along with the overall announcement of Radar Group, it also announced the first three titles it is working on: Prey 2, Earth No More and Incarnate. To find out more about the company and its first batch of games, IGN fired off some questions to Scott Miller, Chief Creative Officer at Radar Group and of 3D Realms fame.

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tony3505d ago

this sounds promising.

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i like this guys way of thinking and operating, good read

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is he wearing mascara?