Will Elder Scrolls Online be able to become the next great MMORPG?

Gameboiler | In this article you will find all the currently known information about The Elder Scrolls Online. Covered topics include all different aspects of this upcoming MMORPG including game-play,races,customization options,character building, story origins, social systems, server technology, PvP and other micros of Elder Scrolls Online. Have any views about the title question? Share with us in the comments section.

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Neixus1851d ago

This question comes every time a new mmo is about to release..
the answer is no.

zeeshanhs1851d ago

I suppose you are still stuck with wow? or not?
And why the hell do you think that?

Steelmanner1848d ago

Frankly we can't say anything at this point, but once some more game-play comes then we can make an educated guess. Understand, however, that the Elder Scrolls Fan-base is huge and MMORPG players will also want to give it a try. Of all the great MMORPG's coming soon I think ESO does has a legit chance of success solely on its colossal hype and fan-bases.

chillopedia1851d ago

Elder Scrolls Online surely has the potential but I guess guild wars 2 still is one of the best MMORPGs out there!