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Call of Duty: Ghosts Goes To War Against Battlefield 4 As Activision And EA Shoot For Next Gen

There’s a war brewing. Activision and developer Infinity Ward are launching the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game on November 5, just after Electronic Arts and DICE release Battlefield 4 on October 25. It’s another epic battle between two of the most popular shooter franchises out there.

Activision blew away EA last year when Call of Duty: Black Ops II from Treyarch obliterated Call of Duty Warfighter from EA and Danger Close Games. But the confrontation was much closer the year before when Battlefield 3 took on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Of course, the Call of Duty franchise doesn’t really have any “close” competition, except perhaps for Microsoft’s Halo franchise. Activision has seen its COD games top $1 billion in sales and break records for the last four years. These games have also managed to have long tails thanks to online gameplay that has kept them relevant even after a new COD franchise has launched. (Activision, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Dice, EA, Infinity Ward, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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gamerlive  +   937d ago
It should be a win-win for gamers this fall with these two shooters.
Abash  +   937d ago
The next gen shooter Im truly anticipating is Killzone: Shadow Fall
Irishguy95  +   937d ago
You pick the worst series of the three...why?

I have...critics, reviews, sales, Industry awards and Battlefield 4's vastly superior trailer to Shadow fall on my side...

I simply ask...why would you be more hyped for Killzone than either of these two franchises? I can somewhat understand Cod as it is milked and a yearly franchise...but battlefield? Had arguably the best shooter last gen - Bad company 2 and has a track record for nothing but high quality - since it was made a long time ago. Whereas Killzone has a pretty average track record with Killzone 2 being the high point.

Or us it because it's exclusive? Please don't tell me it's because it's exclusive...

The sci fi theme maybe? I do like the Sci fi theme.
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SoapShoes  +   937d ago
Me too and Battlefield can't compare to Planetside 2. I hope that comes to PS4 for launch!
coolmast3r  +   937d ago
Good choice mate. At least it's better then another Children Online Daycare game.
zeddy  +   937d ago
killzone 3 was a disappointment especially on the multiplayer side. killzone 2 was insanely fun and was hoping for more of the same but no.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   937d ago
Saw this coming COD Vs BF round 2


That was annoying 2 years ago and will be very annoying this time.
shivvy24  +   936d ago
it should be KillzoneSF vs BF4
Crazyglues  +   937d ago

"Activision blew away EA last year when Call of Duty: Black Ops II from Treyarch obliterated Call of Duty Warfighter from EA and Danger Close Games."

-Since when did EA make Call of Duty Warfighter... LoL

How do you get Copy and Paste wrong... LMAO.. it's correct in the actual article but whoever copy and paste it, somehow changed it to Call of Duty instead of Medal of Honor in the above preview..

Just shows that all the people who approved this, didn't even read it....

||.........___||............ ||
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Maddens Raiders  +   937d ago
"Call of Duty: Ghosts Goes To War Against Battlefield 4 " -

Related video
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Sevir  +   937d ago
And Both will Win in Sales but ill tell you who is getting my money Day 1.
It won't be a cross gen FPS, as impressed as I was by Dice and BF4 I'm not big on buying cross gen ports of last gen games. I'll stick with the game that's built ground up. So Killzone:SF... :)
Gimmemorebubblez  +   937d ago
And Battlefield shoots and kills Call of Duty........As Battlefield walks away a Ghost rises and......

LOl, anyway I don't really care who wins (I don't own stocks in Evil Assholes and Craptovision) but I think I am more likely to buy Battlefield 4 than COD: Ghosts-Just my personal preference.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   937d ago
yawn military shooters,
arbitor365  +   937d ago
at least we know that dice wont use the same engine for the entire generation. BF5 will probably look significantly better than BF4. while next COD after ghosts.... yeah... probably not.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   937d ago
So..........just like this generation? Maybe if there was a third and fourth competitor, it would be interesting.....
Evil_Ryu  +   937d ago
Respawn entertainment's Titan is the one i am most excited for
GamerElite  +   937d ago
another FPS. whoopdi-doo
oof46  +   937d ago
It's about time CoD changes up their formula and engine.

I prefer Battlefield, but keep an eye on Respawn. Whatever they have cooking just might be "the next big thing".
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sway_z  +   937d ago
COD:Ghosts will look good (especially on next gen), but the Battlefield series is made from different salt.
Prodigy-X  +   937d ago
Battlefield 4 All The Way
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NobleRed  +   937d ago
No dedicated servers on consoles no buy. Talking about Call Of Duty guys.
Relientk77  +   937d ago
Awwww snap

fight! fight! fight!
Sevir  +   937d ago
while those 2 battle it out, ill sneak away with Killzone
KZ:Shadow Fall will get my money since its exclusively designed for One Next Gen platform, and it won't be hindered by Console parity decisions releasing on multiple platforms. I'll pick up Battlefield 4sometime next year.
Shuyin  +   937d ago
Agreed. Super hyped for it! Still gonna play the shit outta BF4 on my PS4 aswell.
Hufandpuf  +   937d ago
This is a fight COD cannot win. BF4 looks beautiful so far, and they haven't even shown multiplayer yet.
oof46  +   937d ago
To be fair, we haven't seen footage of Ghosts yet. And, no, that teaser and the tech demo don't count.
Majin-vegeta  +   937d ago
Yet people said the same about mw3,Bo2 yet they ended up sucking so...
noctis_lumia  +   937d ago
bf4 ofc
stop comparing cod with bf cause its like copmaring a lada against a ferrari
venom06  +   937d ago
Battlefield 4 will more than likely be the better game (BF has been better since BC2), but sadly, CoD has the fanboy reviewers @ IGN, KOTAKU, etc all locked down... they gave an EXTREMELY COPY AND PASTE MW3 a 9, so you know a CoD with a even the slightest changes will be 9 or better..... They've already tried to downtalk BF4 without know ANYTHING about it (except a short 17min trailer that didnt show gameplay) or the multiplayer gameplay. So yeah, as everyone already knows this will happen, disgusting, biased fanboy reviewers already have a 9 lined up for the next CoD and an 8 for the next BF4, no matter how good it is..
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pandehz  +   937d ago
BF4 of course. Have played over 200hrs on BF3.
PigPen  +   937d ago
That's a easy pick for me for having a Wii U console EA. And I am a gamer that could of pick up both but if I had to choooooose, COD gets the birthday cake.
I'll choose neither. I would usually go for Battlefield but I already have Battlefield 3 and don't really care for Battlefield 3.5. CoD won't be good until they make their first CoD for next-gen and then after that CoD will go downhill again.
InUrFoxHole  +   937d ago
I can't wait to see the next Xbox features. I'm leaning towards the next battle field. I can't support call of duty any more till I hear dedicated servers.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   937d ago
Dedicated servers should be important to them by now, they should be able to pull it off. They hear about it every year a CoD releases. If they don't implement dedicated servers that wouldn't be wise.

Next gen consoles are going to have good launch titles! BF4,CoD:G,Watchdogs,KZ:SF,Driv eclub,AC4 and possible Sports games. You know EA Sports never misses a console's launch.
supremacy  +   937d ago
I suspect the people who bought the previous iterations will most likely buy these new ones.

Personally, i am just looking forward to GTAV, the last of us, Beyond two souls and FFX on vita, infamous and MGS5.

Killzone does look interesting, i imagine what what the next GT game will look like. I was kinda hoping for a new motorstorm game, oh well.

Level 5, i cant wait to see what they have in store for next gen.
artdafoo  +   937d ago
BF4 vs MW3.5 ?

BF4 TKO's MW3.5 in the 4th and it will be a technical knockout with BF4's Beastly Frostbite 3.0 vs COD and their so called "New Engine"
SonyAddict  +   937d ago
Cod doesn't stand a chance against bf4 in a realistic world!,
You have to remember that this is the same team that brought mw3 and in my opinion that is the worst cod that was ever produced so this will be a non buy from me as I have definitely learned my lesson and I won't
Be suckered in no more..I will be more than happy with the next battlefield and killzone but I hope a lot more new IP is on the horizon especially with next gen.
shivvy24  +   936d ago
Like Cod Battlefield and Halo , i think Killzone will be a huge success next gen

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