Violence in Gaming Creating Violence is an Outdated Belief

Gamertag Radio writes: "I’ve been focusing my attention around the unfair label I am faced with of late. There have been so many shootings and bombings worldwide and in almost all instances, someone blames gaming.

Years ago, Penn & Teller came out with an episode on their show Bullshit covering the classical topic called “Do Video Games Make Our Children Act Out in a Violent Way.” If you haven’t seen it then I urge you to take a few moments out of your day and watch it on YouTube. When terrible things happen in life, it is way too easy for us to blame an outside source and not even consider a person’s state of mind. You do not blame an entire religion for the atrocity of a selected few and it is not in your right to blame a subculture that is populated by millions around the world for acts of violence."

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hennessey861722d ago

And I've never had the urge to go out and re enact anything ive done in a video game.........ermmmm wait I lied I really want to play tricks on people with a portal gun :D

LoveOfTheGame1722d ago

Give a little credit to our public school system.

weekev151722d ago

Ok partial responsibility to the school system.

kalkano1722d ago

"You do not blame an entire religion for the atrocity of a selected few"

Maybe this guy doesn't, but tons of people do.

InMyOpinion1722d ago

If the religious leaders don't take action against it, or try to put a lid on the atrocities, I would.

Looking at the pedophile catholic priests scandal and the Vatican and pope trying to hide the truth.

kalkano1722d ago

The Catholic church is an organization. You still can't (even though you probably do) blame the religion itself.

Patashnik1722d ago

Game violence definitely causes real-world violence! Didn't you get the memo? ;)

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