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Submitted by EverydayDigitals 1015d ago | opinion piece

Xbox Mini or Xbox TV?

Everyday Digitals - There has been speculation since last year that Microsoft was going to make a serious move into the media streaming market when (or after) it's Next Xbox (720) is released. Microsoft announced last year that more then half have the time their customers spent using their Xbox 360's it was to access entertainment other than gaming. Over the years they have continued to add services and channels to the Xbox Live Gold member tier ($60/yr) to make the gaming device more functional and to attract other parts of the family that may not be gamers. The logical step would be to offer an affordable device that can be sold next to competitors like the Apple TV, Roku and Google TV for a comparable price. (Casual games, Microsoft, Tech, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Xbox Live Arcade)

JoGam  +   1016d ago
Well in the picture, it say Mini. Is this a trick question?
EverydayDigitals  +   1015d ago
Got to read the article. There are two varying possibilities.
nukeitall  +   1015d ago
I hope MS releases this thing. Would love for most of the media functionality of the Xbox without the gaming capability for other rooms.

Don't want to spend money on full blown Xbox consoles just for the media possibility. Oh, also include Kinect!
green  +   1015d ago
Exactly. I would like a mini for my bedroom and the Next Xbox for my living room.
mcstorm  +   1015d ago
Interesting im sure we will hear more at E3. Im finding Microsoft a really interesting company again with the current devices and software they are offering and showing.
I do think they will start to grow again over the next 10 years.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1015d ago
I can't believe you guys are considering an Xbox device which doesn't play games. When you say Xbox, you think of a gaming machine. Oh well just passing thru and I wanted to see what xbox fans has to say and this is what I see, Still very supportive and not critical of what MS is doing. You guys should know better.
mcstorm  +   1015d ago
Now you see I don't. It was about games but Xbox is now Microsoft's name for its media services. You have Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Xbox Video and Xbox Music and its across Consoles, PC, Tablet and Phones.

Only people who don't keep up to date what Microsoft are doing see xbox as a device that plays games.
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jeffgoldwin  +   1014d ago

Wait so xbox no longer plays games? I must not be up to date on that portion of your trolling.
mcstorm  +   1014d ago
@jeffgoldwin where have you got me trolling from because look back at my posts on here and you will see that's not true. I never said the xbox no longer plays games. Did you even read what I put?

The Xbox name is no longer just about games if you look at Microsoft's new products you will see we now have xbox music and xbox video and also xbox live. Its the Media side of the Microsoft's entertainment division where they are all put under one name.

Yes it is still part of gaming but that is just one part of it like Windows is not just a desktop OS it is a server, Tablet mobile OS.

Next time you accuse some one of trolling make sure you read what people put 1st and also make sure you can backup what you are saying and maybe you will have more than 3 bubbles.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1015d ago
So, in essence, they would be jumping into a crowded stream box market? No thank you...
CRAIG667  +   1015d ago
They have been in that market for a very long time now and are doing very well too, my wife ain't a gamer but she uses the xbox more than I do for media services such as bbciplayer/netflix/4od etc...

I dont understand the mentality of people saying microsoft should focus exclusively on games, as far as I am concerned the more functions the machine is capable of the more bang for my buck I am gonna get, and it saves having to purchase separate devices causing clutter and taking up hdmi inputs on my TV.
EverydayDigitals  +   1015d ago
Exactly. Gamers shouldn't feel threatened because of the media services. If Microsoft doesn't have 1st party games it's not because of their entertainment options.
ps3_pwns  +   1015d ago
forget stream box crap. all you need is internet from your cable provider netflix and cable tv channels you dont need no xbox crap dont know why you guys are so into getting something you should already have lol. your wasting money if your getting something like this on top of your internet/cable tv. you shouldnt need anything past that because anything past that is a waste of money and is dumb. internet and cable tv is all you need nothing else. you could actually use internet only but capable is so good for sporting events and other stuff its just more quality sometimes.
Phi39582  +   1015d ago
My Roku works well.....oh, and the cable to my Ipad with HDMI out works well.....oh, I almost forgot, my TV also has the same functions. Damn it, I forgot, my BD Player has the same funtionality too.....Microsoft is amrter than this. C'mon author, don't write the essence of dumb.
stage88  +   1015d ago
Hopefully none.
Jek_Porkins  +   1015d ago
They could very well release both, we haven't had an Xbox 360 price drop in over 3 years, if they can slim it down enough to where you can buy one for $99, that would be huge! I could see it competing with Roku and other set top boxes, and people looking to get in on a great HD gaming library might also give it a try.
GABRIEL1030  +   1015d ago
Microsoft must focus in launch a good and powerfull machine with amazing games, not in useless devices. The lastest TV's included internet functions like Netflix!

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