Call of Duty Ghost Camo Footage

Call of Duty Ghosts got an official teaser trailer today, and with that pre-orders for the game went live. Activision announced that the game will be officially unveiled at Microsoft's Xbox reveal on the 21st May.

If you pre-order the game at selected retailers you can get a Ghost Camo for use in Black Ops 2.

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tait2691971d ago

I am hype for the 21st.

Maddens Raiders1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

This game looks so sterile and clean. Not enough going on all around for me, but I'm sure some folks will love the new duds and that's all that matters.

shivvy241970d ago

Call of Duty : Modern Headwear

thechosenone1970d ago

a gun camo...that's news? and it's from a blog too? no blogs on N4G *report*

Walker1971d ago

Microsoft am Fu**ed :)!

MattyG1971d ago

Well seeing as how the press release said it was coming to "next gen-consoles", I don't think Sony's hurting too much on this one. Besides, Activision loves money. If they can make more sales off of TWO console launches they sure as hell won't turn it down.

majiebeast1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Engadget even leaked it.


after that it got pulled very fast.

tait2691971d ago

Supposedly it is not coming for Wii U. Nintendo missing the boat again.

tait2691971d ago

Makes Sense for Call of Duty Ghost to be on Wii U. Good thing they are actually considering the Wii U as a Next-Gen platform hopefully it will have some platform specific features.

Arekkz1971d ago

I hope if it's on Wii U I can use the stylus to shoot people. Then it'd be all point and click like PC FPS' - easy!

HmongAmerican1970d ago

MS love to throw money around. Maybe another 3 years early exclusive contents like they always do.

_-EDMIX-_1970d ago

@Tait269 - I can't stop laughing at that. I'm sorry but being a "next gen" system doesn't some how mean you will get EVERY game next gen.

The Wii I current gen yes? Mass Effect, Bioshock etc....are these not current gen IP's? b...but they are not on the Wii? LOL! Please....keep dreaming.

This system was doomed from the jump. They gambled that the touch screen would bank and they would get "wii" sales...they didn't. Thats it.

If i made a system that had the power of a SNES....would COD Ghost be on it? LOL! Wait wait....but its NEXT GEN! Next Gen to pretty much ALL of gaming means a jump in tech and hardware...NOT some stupid sequence when systems come out. I bet Ouya is getting COD Ghost too...its NEXT GEN! I wonder if Iphone5 will get COD Ghost.

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Asuka1971d ago

i want a new engine, and completely revamped multiplayer. ditch the old formula, or else it'll just feel more of the same with a new coat of paint. Do that, and then ill be hyped for it

Rhythmattic1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

As all COD's since the first MW (Cod4)

And only now you want a new engine... No copy and paste.... ?

My only Purchases where MW1 & 2... even by two, I realised it was not an upgrade but just a new coat of paint... No yearly subscription for me.

People may disagree, but I can play MW1 online, and still have a good time.

As far as im concerned, the franchise is yearly DLC sold physically on a disk at an incredibly inflated price.

However, Each to their own to be owned.

Asuka1970d ago

i have wanted a new multplayer experience since after waw. mw2 and onward would have benefited from a new engine as well.

honestly the only cods i liked and still play is cod4 and waw. didnt like mw2, bo was alright. didnt buy mw3 or bo2.

Gimmemorebubblez1971d ago

~I hope this series would just die.....oh wait it did but now its a Ghost~

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