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In what cave have the developers of Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut spent the last few years? They promised "optimized graphics" and "enhanced controls" but have sold a cheap copy of an old game in which almost nothing has changed.

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Fergusonxplainsall1967d ago

This reviewer didn't actually play it. I have played both and totally noticed the difference in graphics and controls.

To be a copy and paste deal is bold words of an idiot.

DangerouslyJack1967d ago

I agree with your point. There is definitely a difference between the two versions. Both arguably "dated" to be sure. But there is a definite improvement overall.

Pozzle1967d ago

I've seen a couple of reviews complain that the Director's Cut isn't much of an update at all. I get the impression some of them were expecting a full remake or something.