Should Gearbox and Sega Be Sued for False Advertisement?

Tony from Video Games Made Me Do it talks about the law suit against Sega and Gearbox.

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hennessey861756d ago

But in he context of things, they did the same as every other company does. Just look at videos for killzone 2 at E3 for example and epics famous bull shots. If this succeeds everyone will be suing everyone.

cyguration1756d ago

No, the others made it clear they were target renders.

KZ2 made it explicitly clear IT WAS A TARGET RENDER.

Go back and watch the E3 footage of Aliens: Colonial Marines, they say it's actual gameplay. None of the screenshots were from the game, that demo was not from the game and the promo material was not from the game. They were using content for a product that didn't exist to promote the game.

That's called false advertising.

Lucid841756d ago

And I think that is where it killed Gearbox because their head guy was saying that.

Irishguy951756d ago

That's not true, that content was originally part of the game, however after that Gearbox stopped developing the game and oputsourced it. That part was then changed to what it was in the final version. Gearbox NEVER lied when they showed that E3 demo. They just didn't tell anyone it had changed by release. Whether or not you think that is still false advertisement is up to you...but they did not "Show content that didn't exist".

That was what the original game would have ended up like if Gearbox developed it. They simply did a piss poor job of managing after they stopped developing it and decided to focus on Borderlands 2. The game was completely redone by whoever it was outsourced too.

cyguration1756d ago


It was a demo:

That was NEVER supposed to be the real game, just a "vertical slice" to win people over at E3 and the devs were given free reign to do what they wanted.

That whole E3 2011 demo COULD NOT and DID NOT run on console hardware at all and all of that was scrapped because it was running on a high-end PC rig.

Essentially it was a playable target render that was NEVER going to meet its target.

At least KillZone 2 far surpassed its target render, and while I'm no fanboy, I have to admit that the best form of marketing is when you set a target render, say it's CG then release actual gameplay footage that surpasses that.

That's the biggest difference between Aliens and the other games: ACM's demo was essentially something gamers would never get to play and this was a well known fact for Gearbox (and Sega) as soon as they lit the stage up at E3 in 2011.

Maddens Raiders1756d ago

KZ2 the game looked on par or better than the target render from E307 imho, I guess that's just how GG rolls.

avengers19781756d ago

This will open the flood gates... I didn't like this game and the advert made me think I would... I'm getting a lawyer

Imalwaysright1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

"If this succeeds everyone will be suing everyone." Which is something that should have started happening a long time ago. Only then would publishers think twice before stepping on our rights as consumers.

Dirtnapstor1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Consumers have rights? Explain this please.
Consumers have the power to choose, no one owes us (as consumers) anything.
We have an opportunity to buy, but that has nothing to do with rights!?!?
If consumers choose not to support a product, then it fails.
I am a firm believer in waiting for reviews.

TheUndertaker851755d ago

@Dirtnapstor: Get informed... Consumer Rights have existed for some time.

It extends beyond the right of choice.

-GametimeUK-1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

A lot of demo's don't represent the final product. Killzone and Motorstorm are good examples, but I'm not sure on when they came out and they said they where target renders. I'm trying to think of more specific examples, but I'm drawing a blank. I remember when WoW advertised new dance moves or something with WOTLK and never delivered them. I have seen sections in demo's that never made it in to the final game and I'm sure MGS2 or MGS1 is one of them. This is gonna bug me, but I think I was pissed off because a demo of MGS1 shown a spin kick, yet it wasn't in the final version.

zerocrossing1756d ago

The way I see it is, if Gearbox and/or Sega get done for false advertisement then it will discourage others from attempting it, and that can only be a good thing IMO.

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Jek_Porkins1756d ago

Nope, it'll get tossed out quick, these things never really amount to much. Even the EA lawsuit over a monopoly with the NFL License netted only a few dollars.

People aren't forced to buy these games, they could have waited for reviews, became a little more informed about the product.

VTKC1756d ago

you mean correctly informed because what they were showing was mis informed information.

Ron_Danger1756d ago

So do people with low end gaming pc's complain that the screen shots for Crysis 3 don't match what they are seeing when they play?

Ron_Danger1756d ago

Totally agree. I'm so tired of all the complainers with this mess.

ApolloTheBoss1756d ago

That doesn't make it any less wrong. Gearbox and Sega advertised this mess of a game on websites and TV, knowing FULL well that the game was terrible. Whether some people paid for it or not, no amount of sugarcoating the truth can justify what they did.

jeeves861756d ago


It doesn't matter if they knew the game was terrible or not. It's their job to sell the game to potential customers. Does someone who says "the game will be great" suddenly become financially liable when you don't think the game is great?

Besides, 'terrible' is a subjective phrase. They could have thought it was great. How, I'm not quite sure.

Ron_Danger1756d ago

Should cry babies get over this?

VTKC1756d ago

no people with low end pc shouldn't complain when the screen shots don't match what they are seeing because its their problem that they have a low end gaming PC. The graphics are actually there and its their pc that is preventing it from looking like the fucking screen shots. The point is that the high end graphics shown exists.
In this case the graphics look nothing like the demonstration even if played on a high end PC.

Ron_Danger1756d ago

I find your language to be highly offensive sir. A gentleman never resorts to such foul speech.

Also you replied to the wrong comment lol

Plagasx1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy wasting $60 on a game that was thought to look and be a certain way only to have the end product look nothing like it..

VTKC1756d ago

Ron Danger over here obviously didn't buy the game or he actually likes wasting money.

Majin-vegeta1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

So what you're saying is.We should bend over for these corporations and let them get away with crap like this?

Let's say you're in the market looking for a new TV and you're intrigued that one of the TV you're interested in has the ability to surf the web,record shows etc.You go and buy get home and set it up etc.Then you wanna record your show but when you try it doesn't support it.You're just gonna sit there with a brand new TV you had just bought to record shows but it can't record.And act that it's ok to be lied too?

@Below it is directed toward him.

VTKC1756d ago

Try telling Ron Danger that.

Ron_Danger1756d ago

Hey guys!! Thanks for all the fast replies!! You're all the best!! Quick recap: no I didn't buy it because I waited for reviews and saw that they all said that the graphics didn't match the demo and that the AI sucked. So I guess being slightly informed about not making a purchase paid off for me!!

Thanks!! You guys rock!! xoxo

zerocrossing1755d ago

Are you trying insinuate that there isn't a problem with what Gearbox did?

To answer your question, no, nobody should "get over this" we're not just talking about doctored screenshots or gameplay/trailers that had been shown on a high end PC, the game that ended up on shelves was in no way representative of what was promised to us.

As a consumer yourself I think you should honestly reconsider which side of the fence you are on.

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oof461756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Playing Devil's Advocate, Gearbox's ace in the hole defense might be that little disclaimer we see when playing a demo: "This demo is a work in progress.The final product may be different from this demo."

Minato-Namikaze1756d ago

But they said it was actual gameplay. I'm glad i waited before i decided. Had i bought this game i'd be pissed

oof461756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Yes, actual gameplay of a game not completed (at that time). They can go to court and say, "We had this build that we showed to the public, but we just couldn't get it to work so we had to change it."

Once again, not my opinion on the matter (I think it sucks that an Alien game, for lack of a better word, sucks), just playing DA.

@Minato's comment below: Err...I don't know any video game developer or publisher who would come out and say, "Wait a second, guys! Our game sucks now!"

Minato-Namikaze1756d ago

If that was true why did they continue to show misleading videos of the game? Pretty sure they knew before the the game went gold that the current footage they had shown wasnt representative of the game. They knew long before hand the game wasn't what was shown in the video and had a chance to inform their potential customers but didnt.

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