With 'just 50 levels to go', psychological experiment Curiosity is now a race to the big prize

Back in November 2012, UK developer 22Cans started its grand experiment.

If any other studio had launched a game which consisted of a large cube made up of smaller cubes that you removed by tapping on them, it would have been an interesting flop.

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majiebeast1814d ago

You gotta hand it to Peter he knows his scams.

Ilovetheps41813d ago

I hope that whoever does remove the final cube doesn't share the "surprise" with anyone else.

-Gespenst-1813d ago

It's going to be Molyneux Meatspin, followed by the injection of a phone bricking virus that propagates across all your contacts and all their contacts until all phones are bricked.

maniacmayhem1813d ago

What's in the box?

An X..