GTA 5 PC release date — our best guess, supported by mathematics

After the release of the new GTA 5 trailer, we became conspicuously aware, once again, of the absent PC release date for Rockstar’s next open world fiasco. So we reached our hands into the mists of Grand Theft Autos past, crunched some numbers, and came up with the best possible estimate of when the game will be announced and released for the PC.

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RedDeadLB1850d ago

It's supported by f***-all, not mathematics. It depends from game engine to game engine and Rockstar's RAGE in it's current state is finally optimized for PCs in the form of Max Payne 3, which came out on PC only around two weeks after the console release. True, no PC announcement has or is happening currently, but judging by the last RAGE engine game which is MP3, it's more of a matter of choice than development woes.

DoomeDx1850d ago

Didnt rockstar say they rewrote the entire engine for GTA V?

Donnieboi1850d ago

How did this get approved as an "article". It's more an opinion piece. Their "mathematics" has no actual bearing on Rockstar's desire to make a PC version (although they should make it anyway).

steve30x1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

There is no guarantee that GTA V will be on PC. I want it on PC because I dont want to play it on my PS3 but I wont get my hopes up for a PC release unless RockStar announces a PC release.

SgtFuzzy-T1850d ago

damn you missleading title i saw the first few words and was like yes a release date for PC! then I continue just to find out that is a random guess WTF

Th3 Chr0nic1850d ago

things like this is why N4G is a joke

steve30x1849d ago

Two more reasons why this site is a joke is because they restrict you by the bubble system and the Agree / Disagree system. I am a member of a lot of other websites and this is the only website I know that restricts how many times you can comment.

Th3 Chr0nic1848d ago

they do that to keep the 4chaners in line

ATi_Elite1850d ago

GTAV is coming to the PC!

This "NO PC version" hype is just created to get more console sales as the the HUGE success of GTIV on the PC spawned so many GREAT MODS that people may be thinking about holding off until the PC version.

Once you CRACKED the bullcrap GTAIV DRM (signing in 3 times just to play ONE game come on) it was a great experience and the Gameplay and Graphics Mods were spectacular.

steve30x1849d ago

Show us where its confirmed for PC?

ATi_Elite1849d ago

Do you really think GTAV is NOT coming to the PC?

Get a Clue! GTA started on the PC and Rockstar always releases a PC version.

I do not need a confirmation date to know it's coming cause we have gone though this crap since San Andreas.

A PC version is coming and all the wonderful Mods with it.