Editorial: How the trailers show the evolution of GTA

Rockstar has dropped three trailers for GTA V. Marcus Mac Dhonnagáin considers what they tell us about how the studio is developing narrative

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acidbrn1905d ago

Couldn't get into the last GTA, and unless this one really mixes things up, I'll pass on it. The formula this series takes has started to grow stale, and has left the open-world innovation to Saints Row.

Pushagree1905d ago

How can you use Saints Row and innovation in the same sentence? Saints Row has piggy-backed off the success of GTA since day 1. Easily one of the worst, least original, and least creative game series this generation.

Anthotis1905d ago

Good point.

Saints Row is a San Andreas clone, which has had it's hair dyed pink and been given nipple piercings.

It's gang culture glorified and taken to such an extreme that it is comedy.

Don't get me wrong, i enjoy Saints Row for it's OTT humour, but it is by no means innovative.

1905d ago