Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - GamingBolt Review

Playing as a fresh character comes with a few benefits. Firstly, you have a new progression path as you gain experience, with many of the more advanced stealth techniques open from the start – like the ability to jump down on an enemy, sinking your neon dagger into his chest, pulling it out and finishing his friend off in one smooth motion. And then you can stick your middle finger up at them.

Yes, the game has a button for vulgar gestures, which is almost as good as 50 Cent: Blood on The Sand’s ‘swear button’.

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Gimmemorebubblez1973d ago

This looks so cool, its such a Far Cry from the main game.

UnHoly_One1973d ago

lmao, nice choice of words.

And yes, it looks sweet. I already bought it this morning so it could download and I'm looking forward to playing it when I get home from work.

Dude4201972d ago

Haha, now that you mention it, hasn't all the main Far Cry games become totally unrelated to each other?

UnHoly_One1973d ago

Why does he refer to it as "DLC"?

It's a standalone game, it is not DLC for Far Cry 3.

Dude4201972d ago

Because this game is built on the framework of Far Cry 3. Everything about it is the same in terms of graphics and gameplay. The only thing that's different is the story, setting and other game mechanics.

UnHoly_One1971d ago

Yes, but.... It's a standalone game.

I don't care if it is exactly like Far Cry 3, it's still not a DLC add-on.

Dude4201971d ago

It is a DLC add on, it doesn't matter if it's standalone.

- It's developed and published by the same company, Ubisoft.

- This is basically a mod to the original game Far Cry 3.

- It's not like they reworked their entire engine for this game, Ubisoft pretty much reskinned everything into a futuristic setting.

Besides, if you look at the previous Far Cry games, you'd know all three games are completely unrelated to each other. So why call this another Far Cry? Because they have every right to.

Umbasa1973d ago

I played the demo and it gave me chills of pure awesomeness!

kirkules1973d ago

You can't buy it on disc, so it's downloadable content.

tigertron1973d ago

I've never played Far Cry before, but I saw the trailer for this earlier today and decided to buy it.

The soundtrack sounds like the Terminator soundtrack, combined with Daft Punk.

80s soundtrack+80s action+80s dialogue+Michael Biehn=win.