Hey Microsoft, Let’s Talk Next-Gen

MonsterVine: "Ever since Sony surprised everyone with their PS4 conference Microsoft has been scrambling around to get their next-gen Xbox announcement ready and it looks like they’re ready for the spotlight to shine on them."

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GalacticEmpire1902d ago

"I understand that you’re trying to turn your console into a multimedia device but save that stuff for the TV commercials and minor press releases. The core gamers don’t watch E3 to hear about how they can now order pizza from their Xbox or your latest partnership with some other company that will revolutionize the way we use an Xbox."

This is what I've been trying to say for ages. MS, make a games console with home entertainment apps not a home entertainment centre which happens to play games.

Jek_Porkins1902d ago

I agree 100%, in fact I'm starting a movement to get Apple to downgrade the iPhone, we don't need anything else, no options, no nothing, as long as we can make phone calls we're all good right?

I mean why try to get your product into as many homes as possible when "GalacticEmpire" thinks you should just try and advertise as strictly a games console......

Seriously though, I consider myself a core gamer and I love options, it isn't one or the other, it's all of them in one. Who really cares how they advertise it? They're going to have the same multiplatform games, looks like they're going to have some third party exclusives, exclusive content, and we don't even know what the first party studios are up to.

Something tells me you'd be complaining no matter what Microsoft does.

GalacticEmpire1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Oh no, sarcasm, my only weakness... how did you know?

Back in the land of grown ups, I just want to see MS reaffirm their focus on gamers as Sony has done. Is that really such a bad thing?

Dlacy13g1902d ago

This argument is pretty tired. You are splitting hairs to split hairs.

"I want a game console with home entertainment apps...not a home entertainment centre that plays games."

Does your request above really matter if both versions play the same quality of games? For all you know you will be able to customize the next xbox exactly how you want it through UI so it can feel more game focused via Pinning and home screen? You wont know until May 21.

LackTrue4K1902d ago

specking about pizza, i think ima gana order one....

extra cheese: waves hand
add mushrooms: jump up and down
add pepperoni: back flip
add sausage: T-bag

maniacmayhem1902d ago

Well from my understanding the May 21st reveal will be the functions and capabilities of the new Xbox. At E3 will be the showing and line up of the games for it.

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Unicron1902d ago

My we've come a long way from "who needs bluray on a game console?"

Dlacy13g1902d ago

well after 7 yrs I can say yes, we are at that stage that blu ray or larger disc format X (whatever they choose) is needed.

BRUTALBISHOP1871902d ago

It seems stupidness spreads faster than next gen rumors, lets see now.. the xbox brand has been dead since it released many moons ago. But yet these fanboys and there predictions have failed many times over what ms has. I have never heard of ms scrambling because of sonys announcment. But if it helps you sleep better then lets pretend they are. Doesnt seem like much scrambling when you continue to hold your cards and remain silent as MS has done. When your better your always hated on it just goes with the territory of being #1