Infinity Ward is “Going all in to Create the Next Generation of Call of Duty”

Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward then talked about why they went with Ghosts as the title:

"Everyone was expecting us to make Modern Warfare 4, which would have been the safe thing to do. But we’re not resting on our laurels." - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1851d ago

It'll be interesting to see how they take advantage of the PS4 and 720.

Root1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )


This new engine probably won't be anything special but it will trick most people into thinking it's brand new just because it has a new lick of paint. It will be the same game at it's core

This engine will be used all throughout next gen

My facebook is already filling up with my stupid COD friends saying how it's amazing, GOTY, best game ever, revolutionary already just because they said new engine, yet they havent seen anything yet <sigh>

From here on out IW and Activision will be spewing a load of PR crap about how new it is, how it's not the same when it is, blah blah you get the point, all away untill it's released

-GametimeUK-1851d ago


Your friends are excited for a game series they like. Same thing happens with a lot of games and people love to express their excitement. Remember all the PS3 fans going mental over Agent game without seeing it? If you're implying your friends are stupid for liking CoD then you need to re-evaluate your life. If they like CoD, but are coincidently stupid then fair enough lol.

Retroman1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Will this game ever end??? are we not tired of " CALL OF DUTY" yet??
no matter what engine they use it is still the same boring game.

GraveLord1851d ago

They already confirmed a new next-gen engine so yeah, they will.

Play close attention to the words "new" and "next-gen".

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Sevir1851d ago

About them claiming to know more about the PS4 than the people who made it, let's not start doing it ourselves. It's no secret that COD has been in need of a huge overhaul. GDC in San Fran this past march showed that Activision had a new engine that would be utilized for next gen consoles. They also said that they built it with scalability and new physics parameters. And the graphics renders looked down right impressive.

so I for one don't believe its all PR talk. It's crazy to think that with all the billion Activision has made from COD since COD4, that money wasn't spent developing a new engine. Developers have been talked to from MS and Sony since 2010 at the very earliest with plans so, lets just wait to see the engine running on MS's platform as we are certain it'll run identical on the PS4.

This is a new start for Infinity Ward, and its confirmed that Raven, Neversoft and Sledgehammer are all helping to make this happen and the cross roads of a new Console Generation.

if it looks like what I expect it to look like, this will be the first COD I purchase since MW2. After seeing KZ:SF and Battlefield 4 my expectations for COD are unfairly high.

also, I hope to god MS's show isn't filled with FPS reveals...

Rumor is that both Respawn and Dice will be at The Conference and if Battlefield 4's Next Gen Console reveal and Respawns game is shown at The Xbox reveal that would be 3 fps' revealed at an event that is suppose to show the console is not all about shooters, further more it would be stupid especially to highlight that many shooters and not one of them be developed exclusively for the platform.

I'm looking forward to the event.

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MikeMyers1851d ago

It's funny how the bigger they are the more people want it to fall. They will keep making Call of Duty because it continues to sell, regardless of all the trolling over it on the forums.

What's interesting is how people are always so quick to judge something before even seeing it.

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StraightPath1851d ago

imagine call of duty is shown and the next gen engines blows everyone away.

majiebeast1851d ago

I have a bigger chance of winning the lotery.

HammadTheBeast1851d ago

I sincerely doubt that it will blow anyone away, the BF4 engine wasn't all that mind blowing, but it was stepping up from Frostbite 2.0 anyways.

Either way, even if it's a slight improvement, the sheep will follow the false shepherd.

humbleopinion1851d ago

Makes sense. The last time COD engine switched generations it also blew everyone away. Going from last-gen consoles to an HD 60FPS smooth gameplay when COD2 released when the Xbox 360 launched was an amazing experience. Even coming from the PC the game managed to impress with it's art direction and well scripted scenes.

Too bad COD only saw incremental improvements since then, but it's not as if the console hardware changed in the past 7 years... Now they finally have a chance to bring it to the next leve.

Lior1851d ago

I will buy it for my pc, if it actually shows that it is a new engine and new gameplay

HammadTheBeast1851d ago

I'm surprised, I thought every PC gamer realized that they don't care about them, after the ridiculous setting limitations.

FantasyStar1851d ago

Why would you buy it for the PC? That's like.....nooo.....

ijust2good1851d ago

At least infinity ward will be more realistic about its graphical potential when they reveal there next COD...unlike DICE hahaha!. I doubt BF4 will look like there gameplay reveal on consoles and most PC's.

NobleTeam3601851d ago

@ Root don't most games just add a new "lick of paint" as you put it? That's pretty much true with any sequel these days.

Dan_scruggs1850d ago

They wont simply because they cant... yet. It'll probably be at least two more Call of Duty games before they go all in on the PS4 and Nextbox, There will be nowhere near the install base needed on the next gen systems for at least a couple years. The average sales for a Call of Duty game reaches somewhere in the 20 million units range. At the very least there needs to be well over that amount of next gen systems sold to make a next gen only release financially viable. Unfortunately it'll be a couple years.

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Pinkamena_Diane_Pie1851d ago

Like going all in with a pair of deuces, going to lose every time.

socks1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

I've cracked jacks with deuces. In this simile I have no idea what the jacks would be haha.

evilbart1851d ago

I guess you have never played on pokerstars

Sandmano1851d ago

"But we’re not resting on our laurels."

About time!

andibandit1851d ago

Their laurels???, they've been in a friggin coma for 3 years

dbjj120881851d ago

The next-generation, same as the last generation.

HyperBear1851d ago

Seems every developer making next-gen games are trying to re-establish their franchises or take new directions with their games, considering:
i) Killzone 4 --> Killzone: Shadow Fall
ii) inFamous 3 --> inFamous: Second Son
iii) CoD MW4 --> Call of Duty Ghosts

I'm sure more will come later on as well, but I kind of enjoy it. I like games with actual name titles to them, rather than just another sequel number.

Salooh1851d ago

Let's just hope they make something good this time. I don't trust them. I'm not excited. I will judge it when i play it.

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