Dark Sector Weapon Reveals


"As part of the continuing coverage of Dark Sector, we here at have been granted special access from D3 to show you, our readers, the various types of weapons that can be wielded in Dark Sector. These range from small arms like the TEKNA Burst Pistol to explosive weapons, such as the shoulder mounted RPG to heavy weapons, such as the Elite Cannon Gatling Gun. So, without further ado, here is your first glimpse into the Dark Sector Armory."

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cain1413752d ago

I'm pumped about this game... Looks like it will be pretty solid...

thegamereviews3752d ago

Having played through the first levels myself, I can tell you it is a great game, I am looking forward to the final code.

Lord Vader3751d ago

wow. what about the 2 reviews out so far rating the game 6/10 & 3/10 ??? They reviewed the PS3 version, said it was full of bugs, some Swedish reviewer....

I agree with you 2, every trailer Ive seen looks great. I hope it is a great game, I have been looking forward to it....

predator3751d ago

ill trust only a few sites for reviews and also my own but from what i have gathered it looks sweet.