The irony of Gearbox attacking Vanilla Ware's sexist character designs

An artist for Gearbox recently went on the attack, criticizing Vanilla Ware's character designs in their upcoming game, Dragon's Crown. These comments are

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Arai1969d ago

The difference is that Gearbox's art style is crap compared to Vanillaware...IMO.

ApolloTheBoss1969d ago

And your opinion is awesome.

lilbroRx1969d ago

Wow, that's certainly not a biased opinion towards design preference.

Agrim1968d ago

..."Borderlands 2′s Moxxi is a shining example of this. While Moxxi’s design IS BETTER than the one being criticized in Dragon’s Crown, it still can be criticized "...

- Aham?

- Because potato

- Ah ok.

miyamoto1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

And Dark Stalkers' Morrigan whose boobs are as exposed as the Sorceress gets a pass year in and year out?

Are gay journalists jealous of the Sorceress' boobs?

Dragon's Crown Day One!